I'm sure this has been discussed before. Gracie's breeder and my vet said it was okay to switch Gracie to adult food soon since she is thriving. She is presently on Iams Active Smart Puppy. My vet said Gracie's coat wasn't as shiny as it should be. She made a recommendation on some adult foods that included Merrick, Innova, Solid Gold and Nature's Variety. My other dog I use to have had been on Solid Gold for years and did okay with it. I worry about the food after what happened last year with some of the dog's dying. I want her to be on something natural that will help with her coat and general health. What do you all use here?

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I personally use Wellness. I still have a puppy, but I plan on sticking with Wellness until the end. They're one of the few companies who passed the test with a fellow who bashed even Hill's Science Diet. Another great thing about Wellness is, it's got plenty of fish oils in it, which REALLY makes a dog's coat shiny! And let me tell you, Miso has a VERY soft coat, and it's very shiny, plus, less shedding than when I was feeding her what the breeder had her on.

You could also try Taste of the Wild, too. I've heard that's very good for them, though I'm not sure if it has as much fish oil as Wellness.

Good luck!
I recently switched my pups to Blue Buffalo. So far so good. They like it (even the little vitamin kibbles) and have had no digestive problems so far. They have both always had shiny, beautiful coats so I don't expect to see much change there but I feel better knowing they are not getting a bunch of byproducts and fillers. The kibble is sort of big but even Randy has no trouble eating it.
I also have my puppy on Iams smart puppy.
My breeder recommended and I am currently using Eukanuba!
I am feeding the all natural brewers rice puppy(it also comes in adult)! It is loaded with the fish oil which helps the brain development! and talk about a beautiful show quality coat! There is also no by or filler junk! This stuff is amazing! We have less poohs, minimal shedding, and he really seems to enjoy it! Its a great food and many many top breeders recommend it very highly!
Good luck


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