We just got our new puppy last friday. I had forgotten the restless nights from the time we got our first dog, 10 years ago. Wondering if any 8 week old puppies are sleeping thru the night?

Our puppy is waking up once at night, screaming....we are crate training him....so far the potty training is going well, but he wants to get out of the crate around 2:30am, then about 1/2 to an hour later, he falls asleep again, and we put him back in the crate till 6:30....

Anyone else having sleepless nights?? I am getting practice for the real thing....lol !!

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That sounds so familiar. We have had Gracie for 4 weeks now. She is getting better. She still wakes us up early on days we can sleep in lately (6:00 a.m.). I guess she hears the birds sing and figures it is her time to "sing" too. It does get better.
When he wants to get out of the crate, take him outside and let him do his business, then put him right back in the crate. He has to know that nighttime is crate time, or your pup will try and manipulate you!

Miso, whom is 13 weeks, had a few sleepless nights the first night, but for the most part, she stays quiet through the night now. She is a phenomenally good puppy. :)
Our girl who is nine weeks now has been sleeping until 5:30am when people start getting ready for work. We put quiet classical music in her room/ crate so it's like white noise... works well for us. no problems with crying at night...
We were lucky enough that Barkley only cried the first two nights that we had him, after that he was fine and sleeps through the night. Those first two nights, though, he cried the whole night. After he figured out that we're always going to come back he was fine. Potty training is going pretty well with him, he doesn't go in his crate at night any more.
We got Penny at 10 weeks and she would wake up at 2am and 5:30am... she did this for about a week and a half then started to hold it through the night. Puppies have teeny tiny bladders and physically can't hold it, hence the crying. If he withhold water from your puppy from like 7pm until you go to bed that might help with having to go in the middle of the night.
Now, at 4 months Penny actually lets me sleep in on weekends... one time even until 10am! He'll get better about it soon, no worries :)
Did you put any toys in his crate with him? Sometimes when Stella gets restless in the crate, she starts crying, but then begins squeaking the toy that I put in with her and soon falls back to sleep. Also, like Ashley said in an earlier post, I sometimes take her out late, but I put her right back in the crate. Hope this helps!
Yeah, we don't give him any water after he eats at 7pm. He falls asleep around 10pm, we put him in the crate and he still wakes up and cries. We take him outside to pee, but he doesnt want to, he wants to play. During the day, he's fine the crate cuz my husband works from home, and he keeps an eye on him. But at night, its a totally different story.

I think that he will get used to being in the crate all night. He has only peed once in the crate since we got him, so that's good !! He already knows where his food and water is at 9 weeks old.......amazing !!

It will take time I'm sure. I just hate to hear him cry...and whine.
If pups pee inside the crate chances are the crate is too big. They should not have enough room inside to have a place to pee without sleeping in it...which the usually won't do. Place something in the crate to take up space if the crate is much larger than the pup. Neither of mine ever went inside the crates but they are sized correctly. I never restrict water for the boys, I hate to be thirsty myself so just can't make myself do that. Sometimes one of mine will cry at night and run right to the water bowl when I let him out, so thirst was the reason I assume. Randy is 13 weeks and Leo is 10 months and they usually sleep through the night (a short one at my house usually...about 7 hours), however sometimes one of them (or both) will ask to get out at night. I figure it is part of raising a puppy, so I take them outside when this happens. They are good about going back to bed after. Anyone who has raised a human baby knows sleepless nights come with the deal for awhile..same with puppies. Mine are never crated except at bedtime (lucky me having that kind of freedom with them) so they are never sick of being in the crate. I think toys in the crate are a good idea especially when the pup is real young. Sorry about the novel here..just my 30 cents worth.
I appreciate it Boo. We have a divider in the crate, so he gets enough space to sleep only. Toby is getting better, he only peed the first day we got him in the crate....but can't blame him, different sorroundings, people, etc.....he did great last night, he passed out around 10pm, we put him in the crate.........cried around 2:30am for a bit, checked on him, then he got quiet again, and didn't hear another word till 6:30am, and no peeing. So he's doing better, just hope he gets used to the fact that crate time is sleepy time. My husband works from home, so we try not to crate him during the day, only if he needs to leave the house for an hour or so.
Wow, I guess we have it really easy. I had no idea. Finn is 9 weeks old. He sleeps in his crate from 10:00 p.m. until about 7:00 or 7:30 - whenever the kids start getting up. He has done that since the first night we got him without ever crying at all. He doesn't pee in his crate. The breeder must have either really worked at the crate with him or we just got really lucky...hang in there! It will get better!!
It's gotten alot better. Toby no longer cries at night, but he still pees in the crate. Not every night, but he does. I think I may have to make it smaller in there for him. But how can a 10 weeks old puppy hold it for so long? He's in the crate from 10pm till about 6:30am. I'm sure it will get better.


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