Do any of your puppies want to drink water constantly? I watch my 11 week old puppy running to his water bowl and wanting water all the time. I am crate training him, so I dont give him water after 8pm, and only give water when he eats 3 times a day, or when he plays outside. I hate to deprive him of water, but its just too much.

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I never restrict the boys water. A dog should have fresh, clean water available at all times in my opinion. If you only give him water at certain times of course he is going to drink a lot...he's thirsty. I've read that some folks restrict water in the evening before bed, but I don't even do that. Many times at night the boys will fuss and so I take them outside to potty and they run right to the water bowl and drink so they were thirsty and maybe not needing to potty.
I have water out for Henry both upstairs and downstairs at all times.He knows exactly where they are and goes to get water when he wants it. Initially I thought about putting it up a hour or two before bedtime but he is not peeing in his crate at night anymore (he is only 9 1/2 weeks). So I don't feel it is necessary.
I have the water out for him at all times.........the problem is that he pees everywhere, especially in his crate at night.
He was doing better, but he now pees in there everynight. He's only 12 weeks old.......I'm sure it will get better.

Thanks for your replies.
Make sure you are REALLY cleaning the things he is peeing on. Chances are even if you cant smell it, he can. And if he smells it he will think it is an acceptable place to pee. Also, if his crate is even the slightest bit too big for him, he will pee. As long as he isnt sleeping in the pee, it wont bother him. Put a cardboard divider to close off excess space.
I do clean up the pee inside the crate very well. He was doing better, some days he goes without peeing all night, other's he doesn't. I know he will get it......he's only 3 months old.........I'm expecting too much too soon.......LOL !!
Our puppy acts like we never give her any water either. We give her water in the morning when she eats and then when we get home at 5:30 she gets water until about 8. She will scratch like crazy at the water bowl and if it is raining she will try to drink from the eve spout outside. When she does this we just give her 1 ounce of water and make sure she potties before she goes to bed. We were wondering the same thing, if we were depriving her of water.
I am not letting him drink whenever he wants to and he doesnt drink alot anymore. Since he knows the water is accessible, he doesn't drink the whole thing.
Sami has water at the ready 24/7 we have 4 water bowls out for her. Three in the house and of course the one outside. But then I drink lots and lots of water myself, don't even want to think about not having it if I wanted it. Gotta keep those kidneys primed mine and the Samis not to mention getting dehydrated it can happen so quick as well as bladder or kidney infections. Yes we do have the occasional accident in the house small price to pay for the harm not enough water could cause them. Also if you are concerned on a health issue ask your vet, one of the signs of diabetes is massive water consumption. I know it is why I drink so much being border line diabetic.


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