Hello fellow puppy-raisers,

I've been housebreaking my 11-week old with a bell (wind chimes hung from the wall by the door, in fact).  We brought her home 8 days ago, and we've been tapping the chimes before opening the door that lets her out.  She's started doing it on her own, when she needs to go out and we're in a different room.  For example, she goes about every two hours, but if I lose track of time, she'll go ring the chimes right around the 2 hour mark.

Here's where I'd love some advice - yesterday she started "abusing" the bell, ringing it every time she wanted to go out and chew on leaves/sniff the grass etc.  She even rings it a minute after we've just gone out!  Do I respond to this by taking her out, to keep her bell training consistent?  Or should I only take her out when she rings the bell closer to her scheduled potty times?

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Hi! That's a very good question!

But, I think you should post this on the forum post on the main page.  That way you'll get more replies from experienced people or people who are more familiar with using the bell-at-the-door potty training.  I know you'll get great suggestions there rather than here where we might all be new dog owners.  I know I am!

Thanks, will do!

Keep in mind that her potty schedule will continue to change as she gets older.  She thinks the bell means "Let's go outside" instead of "I have to go"  I have heard this lots of times from others who eventually gave up bell training.  But I have also seen a few successes with this type of bathroom training. 


Try ignoring if you know or think you know that she does not have to go.  Pretend you don't hear it at all. Don't forget to give her lots of playtime with you and by herself outside when she is not pottying.


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