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I am looking for some advice.  It has been 12 yeasr sine we had puppies, so it feels like I have never done this before.  We brough home Ruby and Charlie this past weekend and they are great.  They are 7 weeks old and learning new things everyday.  We are crate training which is going great, during the day I crate them when they fall asleep on the floor and of course at night they sleep in theri crates.  When they are awake we are playing inside or outside.  But sometimes I need to get some work done and can not watch them 24/7.  I hate to crate them all the time, but when you can not keep your eyes on them what do you o with them?  Also, at what point do they pick up on the potty training concept.  I know they are too young to get it now, but I am taking them out every 30 minutes, after eating and playing.  They still have the occasional accident of course, but just for peace of mind I was wondering when it starts to click. With my other too it was very different.  My current 2 are siblings and eat out of the same bowl, which is so odd to me.  As my previous Corgi's would have killed each other if one went to eat the others food.  Sorry for rambling, just wanted to get some info from others who are puppy owners also :)

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We made a zip-line of sorts in the backyard, tying a rope between two tree trunks and clipping a leash that would slide along it.  Whenever I needed to get some chores done around the house, I would put my puppy on the zipline.  In general she adores people and hates to be left alone, so I'd only do this for a max of 20-30 minutes.  And I'd always put a few toys outside with her, and some cardboard (her favorite thing to chew).  In terms of computer-type work, I just bring my laptop outside to be with her!

Klaus is 3 months as of last week. He picked up finally on potty outside 2 weeks ago. It took all of 2 weeks at home to do it. Crate was easy, took a week. The time sitting though, I always had him in the crate or I penned him up in one small room with hardwood floors for a max of 30 mins at a time. Gave him some toys and a bed and he was content. You have two cuties there!

Thanks for the input!  I do take my computer outside and I went and got a pen today so that will help too.  Man, I sure hope Ruby and Charlie pick up the potty training by 3 months.  That's great!


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