Hi Everyone! We recently added 2 new pups to our household after losing our first 2 Corgi's this year.

My first 2 were chow hounds, you put their food down and they ate it up in seconds.

 Our new pups have no interest in food.  They have to eat out of the same bowl so,  I feed them 2 cups in the AM and then at night I add to what ever is not eaten.  Most of the time they haven't really eaten anything.  It is to the point that my male will go all day wihtout eating until he vomits bile.  I have started adding carrots to their food and that will get them to eat some of it.  I have also switched their food from Iams puppy to Halo puppy.  They are 16 weeks old now and just not interested in food.  Don't get me wrong, they will eat treats all day if you feed it to them, but refuse to really eat the food I put down for them.  They are both at a good weight and perfect in every other way.  I just can't seem to understand why when they have food down they will not eat, instead making themselves sick becasue they have had an empty tummy all day.  Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

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I had the same problem too when I got my puppy.  His breeders fed him Nutro for Puppy.  They gave me a ziploc bag full of the food but, he didn't really eat a lot and sometimes not even.  I eventually changed him over to Merrick Puppy plate and it was only so so.  Then I tried Wellness and Avoderm with the same results.   Eventually, I tried Blue Buffalo and OMG! he loved it!  I didn't need to try to add extra stuff to the food to entice him to eat it.  He just ate whenever I gave it to him.


It's probably a matter of finding the brand that they want to eat not what you want them to eat. 

Good luck with it!

Good point!  Thank You :)

Oh! I forgot to add that I also changed the location of where  I fed him.  Previously I fed him in the kitchen.  But, I started noticing that he doesn't like eating there if I'm not there.  Our kitchen and living room is connected. It's not like it's at the other end of the apartment but, he still didn't like eating there if he feels like I'm not in the same room. So, I moved his bowls to the living room and I've had no problems since the food change and location change.

I am always with them when they eat. I have a desk in our kitchen so when I put their food down I get on my computer.  Mostly so I can make sure they are BOTH eating the food, since they refuse to eat out of seperate bowls.  

I took the advice of famous trainer Dr. Ian Dunbar and hand-fed Story initially (we got her at 9 weeks).  There was a time I thought she would never eat on her own, although I did enjoy that time with her.   Then, around 5 or 6 months her Corgi-Food-Joy revealed itself and she is a chow-hound with no need to hand-fee.  In fact, I will often put her kibble in a food toy to slow her down.

Our trainer suggested leaving food down for a limited time, like 15min. When time is up, remove the food. If they aren't sick, they will eat eventually. Give them multiple opportunities a day to eat, but train them that food is only available when it is put down. The strategy makes poops more predictable and you'll be better able to know when they are sick later on.


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