As some people in the chat already know, I've already had a few ups and downs with trying to find a corgi. I currently have a lead but her litter is not due until March, and for personal timing reasons I was hoping to find one sooner. Plus, considering my track record with the previous two breeders I was working with (one is considering keeping hers and the other said she was not going to sell the one I had a hold on because he was a runt), I don't feel particularly confident about this litter either. I have already emailed the Golden Gate pembroke club, which is where I found these breeders, so I'm open to suggestions or leads outside of the area as well. I can drive to Central or even Southern California if necessary.



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We got our dog from Kim Beachler at Poso Creek Puppies in Bakersfield.  She was very easy to deal with and our dog is great.


Kind of a long drive, but worth it.  She was willing to meet us halfway but we thought it would be nice to see the home and the parents too, so we just went all the way down.  There is a group here of people who got their puppies from Poso Creek if you want to check it out:


Thanks! I actually did email her about a month ago and never got a reply... her website says she may have some available so I'll try again, fingers crossed.

Hi Nina,


i would be curious as to which club members you were having issues purchasing a puppy from.  If you haven't contacted Tim Mathieson that would be the first person I got in touch with, his Nebriowa puppies are wonderful.  In fact just last month one of his puppies won best puppy at the Cow Palace along with Best of Breed for the Herding Group.  If you email me off line I can provide you with contact information.




I got our Nutter Butter from Indian Oaks Ranch in So CA. I hopped on a plane  to San Diego and she met me at the airport. Only an hour flight on SW. I even smuggled him on the plane without paying the $75.00 fee!  Ha ha ... The breeders name is Diana Nett, she is on MyCorgi.com  if you want to look her up! She is wonderful and kept me up to date until the day I picked up my baby <3 Good Luck!


Go to dog shows and meet the people showing the dogs you would like.

Network with them,  they will let you know who has puppies. You did not specify a puppy, why not consider a rescue dog ? Most clubs have a person or persons who specialize in finding good homes for rescue dogs . Take your time. Good luck !


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