How much does your cardigan weigh?? Blaze is 1 year and 4 months and weighs 27 lbs. The vet is always complimenting us for keeping his weight at a healthy level. But I feel that he is a runt!! :)

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Joshua is almost 2 years old and weighs 30-31 lbs. That's on the low end of the range for an adult male Cardigan, apparently, but he seems healthy and strong so we haven't worried too much that he is so lean. I do keep a close eye on his weight, though - don't want him to suddenly start packing on the lbs!
Quick update, my Mom's Cardi (who has the same Dad as Finn) was at the vet's office lat week for shots and he now weighs 46 lbs! He's not over weight but I can't believe he weighs that much. He's almost a year and a half old so he should be done growing now, but that means we can probably expect Finnigan to reach that weight as an adult. Who knew Cardis could be so big?!
Tucker just turned one year old the 6th, and weighs 37.5 He's an armful! He is still trim and has a waistline, but I watch his weight because I don't want him to get too fat like me!
No, he's not a runt. Mine is 1 1/2 and weighs about 28 pounds. I think everyone's different...boys weigh more than girls. And I think it depends on the size of the parents. Also, don't corgi's have a tendency to get a little chubby? I excercise my boys everyday, and stay to a strictly dog food only table scraps. I think you should be proud to have a happy healthy boy!!
Finnigan turned a year old this month and he weighs 38 lbs and is 11 inches tall (from ground to top of shoulder) and 21 inches long (from chest to behind). I'm assuming he's done growing. He seems to be on the small side as far as his height & length go but weight wise he's about right. He's definitely not overweight. I'm really surprised he's stayed so small considereing how big his Dad and half brother are. It almost makes me wonder if his growth was stunted at some point. Everything is proportionate and he is healthy so that's all that matters. I'm kind of glad he ended up smaller. His brother really is a big Cardi, maybe a little too big. :)
Brynn is 13 years old and has weighed between 30-32 pounds most of her life. I always thought she was on the "chunky" side but after reading these posts, I may have changed my mind. The vet feels since her weight has been stable, we shouldn't worry about it. I walk her at least 45 minutes every morning and she runs after tennis balls -(she is obsessed) - But she loves to eat - food and balls are her two favorite things.

Alex is 4 and currently wighs 37 lbs.When we rescued him last year he was 32 lbs but looked quite thin.Our vet said to keep him on Weight Maintenance food now to keep his weight from creeping up.Our past experiance with Pembrokes is that you have to feed them smaller amounts than what is indicated on the food bag.So I think Cardigans are the same way.This is our first Cardi so we will see how things go with weight.



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