I love pems, but just curious why you picked (or were picked by) a cardigan?? I did my research and found out that cardigans were more laid back - HAHAHA!! But I don't regret my decision, though it is frustrating when people STILL ask what mix he is!!

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Hi Arlette,

Originally we were going to get a pembroke. I called a breeder not realizing there were two different types of corgi. I made an appt. to see her puppies and my kids were so excited. We came home with a cardigan!!

My husband is happy as can be now......loves him to pieces, but at first thought he wanted a pembroke. He is so happy we have Lance now.
Thank you! I get so tired here in FLA either giving directions, or telling people why my dogs have tails! I chose the cardi becauase after research, found a great breeder and discovered that the cardi was deemed to be loyal, laid back and fun. i have never regretted my decision - as a matter of fact, i went back and got another one! we love our dwarf dogs with tails!
Yes we love our dwarf dog with tails too! The only question I have is how to train Lance around small children when we dont have small children around. At family parties he seems to think he needs to protect the small children when they are crying....etc.... I know it is because he is not used to it. Any ideas How do you teach a corgi not to protect? He also does not like screeching noises or loud noises from people, but this is pretty typical of the cardigan isnt it? He is laid back but a few things alert him. If I am not mistaken I believe the cardigan protects more than the pembroke, do you know if that is correct? Lance is such the character though. He wants to play ball with you so when you try to grab it he puts his paw on top of the ball!! He is alot of fun.
I was told by my breeder to be careful letting small children around him. so I am, i don't want to chance anything. I know that when a baby pug approached me, he bared his teeth and growled; only time I had seen this.
Other than this, totally laid back and loves all people. WE have noticed he only takes to certain dogs; others he just ignores.
We knew absolutely nothing about Corgis, other than that the Queen has quite a few. We opened the phone book to look for breeders and stumbled across an ad. We phoned the breeder and were impressed with her knowledge. We went to look for ourselves and found them to be the most loving dogs we had ever met. She only breeds Cardigans.
I prefer to have a dog that has its tail, etc. I have also heard that Cardigans are more laid back than Pems and that they are less herding (protective) of small children or people in general. We have found this to be true. Ours is absolutely adorable. Can do anything to him....falls asleep when I cut his nails, etc. Very loving and loyal. Follows me around like a Shadow. We are now totally in love with him and wiht Cardigans. I have had no exposure to Pems so can't comment from experience as to what they are like.
Joshua follows me around like a shadow, too! I've gotten used to it, personally (we've had him for three months now) and I love him to pieces, but it actually has caused some problems for us at home because he immediately picked me as his favorite person in the whole wide world...kind of leaving my husband out in the cold! We're really having to work with him on getting him to warm up to and trust my husband, mind him when he gives commands, etc. We've decided Joshua has established a hierarchy because when I am not around he's pretty much fine with Jason, but when I am there he always has to be with me and does not want to listen or go to Jason. Jason has been taking him to obedience classes for the past month - I'm not really participating much, because we're hoping it will help Joshua bond with him more if it is something they do together.

I'm rambling...I guess my point is that I'm curious if yours is so attached to you that he has trouble trusting others, too, or if my dog is just "special". Or perhaps I'm just such a wonderful dog owner that no one in the world compares? :P
personally, everyone in my area (orange county, ca) who has a corgi has a pembroke. i see them everywhere - in pet shops, dog parks...even my neighbor has 2!! when i found out there is a corgi with a tail AND bigger ears...i did my research and decided to be different. :) who could say no to the cardi corgi face?? not me!!!
I picked a Cardigan becuase I love tails, and because I really enjoy the variety in the breed. Pembies are cute, but I love nothing more than the Blue Merle, the Brindle, and the black and white. Gotta love it!

I also love their bigger, and thicker size and appearence. I love the temperment, personality, and all over loving attitude. I love that I am stopped everywhere and asked what breed he is, or what corgi mix he is. Everyone knows the Pembroke, but it's rare to see someone who knows the Cardigan. I passed by Pembies at the mall(back in Cali) and it was Regis who always stopped people in their tracks. I'm proud to say he is litterally stopped cars. He loves the attention, and I don't mind hearing people babble about how wonderful he is either :)

He's great with kids, cats, small critters, elderly, and is quick to learn. I'll stop now before I go on for hours. All I've got to say is I have never been happier or prouder than a dog before, Regis is my all time dog. :)
I love it when people ask what breed Joshua is, too - some are very interested to learn that there are two different types of corgis. It's a little frustrating, though, when some people still seem skeptical, after my explanation, as if they don't really believe me that he is a purebred corgi and not a mix. One woman told me once "Oh, there is no way he is all corgi - he is definitely a mix." ???
We couldn't decide if we wanted a Cardi or a Pem, so we got one of each! I love Dixie's tail. I love seeing the white tip jumping around in the garden. And yes, I heard they were more laid back than Pems. She's now almost 4. She's much more laid back and lovable than our Moose, the Pem, but she acts much more puppy like still. Moose has matured into a more lovable dog now. I love them both and would get both again!
When I started looking for a corgi, I had never heard of a cardigan, only knew about the pems. There are apparently no pem breeders in our area, so I read up on the cardis, and the more I learned, the more I was sure I wanted a cardi. (And yes, I get asked what he is mixed with, too!)
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