I love pems, but just curious why you picked (or were picked by) a cardigan?? I did my research and found out that cardigans were more laid back - HAHAHA!! But I don't regret my decision, though it is frustrating when people STILL ask what mix he is!!

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We visited a corgi breeder intending to choose a pembroke (we were looking for an adult corgi, not a puppy), but Joshua just seemed like the best fit for us after we met him and some other corgis who were available. We'd just lost our first dog, a pembroke, and while we knew we HAD to have another corgi, we sort of wanted one who looked and behaved differently than her...we didn't want it to feel like we were "replacing" her exactly. Joshua was very different from Susie in terms of looks and personality/activity level. He seemed very playful, and my husband really wanted a dog we could play games with, chase balls, etc. Susie was very mellow and didn't really have any interest in toys. Anyway, we figured the typical cardigan temperment that we'd read about (being more laid back, as Arlette said above) would be a good fit for us. Little did we know Joshua would act more like a pembroke than a cardi in that regard...he is full of youthful exhuberence, let me tell you! :) I, too, get frustrated at the skepticism I get from people when I tell them he is, in fact, a purebred corgi.
We choose a cardigan after doing research on the two types of corgi's. I liked the bigger ears and the tail. I also felt the personality description fit us better. Then I went to find a breeder in MN and found only 4 I didn't realize how rare they are. But we found our beautiful and sweet Violet. Violet and I recently passed Delta's pet partners therapy dog registration exam and I must have explained Violet's breed for about 20 minutes to our examiner. Every obedience class we've taken and trips to local pet food stores I always get lot's of questions. Her nickname is "Sweet Violet" many people who meet her can't get over how beautiful she is and how sweet of a dog she is. Regardless of Cardi or Pem they are all wonderful little clowns that steal your heart!

I really wanted a Corgi and was originally thinking of getting a Pem until hubby threw a wrench into my plans.  Since our currant dog was an Australian Shepherd, he insisted that our next dog HAD to have a tail!   So voila...a Cardigan!!! 

I am the person who decided we would get a dog. I researched and decided on a Corgi. I asked my husband, "tail or no tail." He replied, "I like dogs with tails." So, we went with a Cardigan. 

At least 20  years ago I saw a lady standing in front of a shop with 2 Cardigans on leash.  I had never seen one before, only the Pembrokes.  I stopped to talk with her (asking what breed they were....)  and fell in love with those big  ears and bulkier muzzle, the more rugged look and the long tails.  Eventually, I adopted a Cardigan.  He is a wonderful boy and my very first brindle dog ever.


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