Hi everyone, my name is Michele and I have a 10 month old Cardigan name Finnegan. It's nice to see so many people that have Cardis. I run into people all the time with Pems but have yet to see another Cardi. My husband and I RV full time, right now we are in FL but will be in IN for the summer.


I look foward to getting to know you and your dogs.



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OMG! What a little cutie-pie! My little pupster always had this inquisitive look on his face when he was a young one! My cardi will be 17 this June and he still loves to be nosey! It's awesome to have another member aboard and we look forward to more pictures of Finnegan!
Thanks! Finn is a sweet heart. I've never had a dog that was as lovable as he is. And SMART. I had Shepherds prior to him and he blows them away in the learning dept.

Wow, 17 he's beautful.
What a handsome boy! His face looks similar to Violet. I always tell Violet what a SWEET GIRL she is too. Cardi's are hard to find but worth every minute of searching and waiting.
Welcome! What a wonderful cardi!
Awww, Finnegan is darling! Look at those proud corgi ears and inquisitive face...soooo cute! Welcome!
Thank you all. It was harder finding Cardi breeder as opposed to the Pembroke. But I think thats a good thing. The Pems are very popular, and we all know what happens when a breed becomes popular. I'm very happy with the choice I made. He is a fantastic dog. I do have to explain at times the difference between the Pem and Cardi. Most people aren't aware of the Cardi. Always asking what is he mixed with, even at the vets!
Welcome! What a cute boy you have. We have a one and a half year old Cardi named Finnigan. Yours is the only other Finn I've come across. Where did you get him?

I agree that it is good this breed is not as popular. It was difficult to find a breeder close enough that bred for the color we wanted but our Finn was worth the wait. I couldn't ask for a better friend.

If you are ever heading to AZ let us know!
Oh wow, another Finn. I've not met another with that name as well. Great name!

I just love this breed, as far as I can tell. I've yet to meet another Cardi other then the breeders. We got him in Michigan, Royalwood is the name of the kennel. Very nice people. We will be going back up to IN in April so we will be visiting the breeder so they can see Finnegan.

Where in AZ are you? We are hoping to do a west coast trip in Aug. I'm from Oregon and it will be nice to visit the family.

Thanks for the welcome
I've only met the Cardis at the breeder's, my Mom's cardi (who is Finn's half brother) and my aunt-in-law's Cardi (who is Finn's half sister) and I met her only once when she was 6 months old. I'd love to meet other Cardigans outside the family but I've yet to run into anyone here with one. Alas, Finnigan is the only Cardi at the Az Corgi meet-ups. :)

I would love to see Oregon! My husband has been there and wants to move there (Eugene I think) and it's one of those places that I've just always wanted to see. What part of Oregon are you from? Do you like it there? We live in Scottsdale, Az.

So how did you decide on the name Finnegan?
Isn't that strange about not seeing any other Cardi's. I think it's great not having the same breed as every other person with a dog. Although I'm like you, I"d love to meet other Cardis. I've learned that the only people that seem to know what Finn is are the ones that have had one, or a family memeber has one.

I grew up on the coast. Lived in Waldport and Yachats. Both really small towns. Then moved to Portland. Eugene is a nice town, never lived there but have been there many times. It's pretty laid back for a college town, at least it used to be. It's a beautiful state, very green, mountains every where you look. The rain can get to be a bit much but then again I've been here in Ocala FL for the last 5 months and all it's done is rain.

As for Finnegan's name, it just popped into my head one day. I had different names written down and was sure I had one of them picked out, and then one day......not sure how but there it was. Finnegan. What about your Finn?
People I run into that know what breed Finn is only know because they are big dog show fans. They're always so happy to see one in person.

I didn't realize Eugene was a college town. Like I said, I've never been to OR, it's just one of those places I've always wanted to see. Good to know though. One day we'll go. Even here in Az it's been raining a lot. You know something's up when the desert ground turns green with vegetation. :)

We had Finnigan's name picked out before he was even born. We talked about getting a Corgi for a long, long time and debated between a Pem and Cardi and one day when we were on vacation hiking through the woods I told my husband I pictured a little blue merle Corgi trotting along beside us and he asked what it's name would be and I right away I said Finnigan. It seems like the perfect name for a blue merle Cardigan and it's a name I've always liked. I'm mostly Irish and love a good Irish name. Finnigan was also my favorite character in a role playing game I played years ago. That day we decided on not only the breed but the name and when we got back I set out searching for a breeder. We almost ended up with a black headed tri Pem but deep down I knew I wanted a Cardi more, I was just discouraged by how hard Cardis are to come by. Looking back, I'm so glad I didn't settle for a Pem. They're great too but Cardigan's will always be my favorite.


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