Just thougth it would be nice to try and get a head count!


So last I saw we decided Saturday 11/9 at 11am at Fort Nathan Hale in New Haven.  Still work for everyone?  Latest weather report is saying about 50 degrees so at least we won't freeze!


I'm planning on coming with my 2 Cardis and I was talking with Michelle, Dotti Mae's mom who lives down the road from me and we are going to try and carpool down together.

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Isaac (our 4 year old Pem) and I will be there. Can't wait to meet everyone!


Here's a link to the event, rsvp so we'll have a better head count, but either way, hope people can make it!

Thanks for the link to RSVP, totally missed that!!!

I missed the RSVP too! Just said yes :) we will be there with Turbo our Pem, and Gunther our Cardi! Can't wait to meet everyone!

My family, boyfriend, my two pembrokes and I will be there as well. :)

I'm coming with my crew of five. Just a reminder to bring some water and a bowl and of course poop bags.

of 5 corgis!!?? YAAAAY there will be so much stumpieness!!

5 ???!!!!  How do you keep up with them all!  I have 2 corgis and an Aussie and I thought that was a handful!!

thats what I was thinking! two is crazy enough! let alone a baby on the way! lol we'll have a 3 ring circus on our hands! :)

My boyfriend and my one bunny butt are going to try and come, depends on car situations.


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