ok corgi lovers. I was looking for some opinions on what you think my little rescue boy Jax is mixed with.  I just got him yesterday he is 7 months old approx 20-25 lbs.  the rescue is saying corgi/boxer.  One guy though he was a mastiff puppy till I told him what he was and his age.  I personally see more pitbull in his face and the owner of the petstore I get my food from though so also.   so what does everyone think?  also he had a little natural bob-tail.

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The last picture is the only one where he doesn't look pittish. Such a beautiful color. I often see pitbulls that brindle color. He's a cutie, no matter what! Boxers tend to drool a lot, so you're lucky if he isn't one.

 Jax is really cute... I think he is part pit bull.  His face reminds me of Cesar Millan's dog, Junior.


Took Jax to the park today and everyone thinks pitbull in the somewhere...I have only heard him bark 3 times but he has a BBAAARROOOO!  bark...load and deep for such a little guy.  also I was able to weigh him today and he is just about 30lbs...he front feet sometimes go out and a angle and his paws are pretty big..lots of loose skin too.  IDK maybe he is bassett hound/???  either way he is great! so glad I was able to give him a home.
The corgi breed has loose skin also so I don't think he is bassett. Also puppies have very loose skin. He looks pit to me! His neck seems very thick like a pit. Also about the feet pointing outwards... That comes from the corgi!!! Well you dog is adorable if his paws are big he probably will get bigger. You can always tell how big your dog will be by the paws because they grow into there paws!!!! Hope I helped!


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