I am just curious as to what this trait is for you, I would have to say my favorite for my Bella is her mellow, laid back attitude! Bella is easy going and never gets overly excited, unless there's a rabbit, pheasant or goat to chase! She's just a wonderful lady!

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Yep, I agree! My Bella is abit lazy, definetly likes to cuddle alot and sleep on her back ;) But when she gets going she loves to chase the cat ( her bestfriend and partner in crime! ) or play with her frisbee, that is her fav! She is also a total bird dog, she stares out the window at the birds on the feeder and when we lived in the country even caught herself a quail once! She is a good girl :)
Bella over here is very active. She chases cats and chickens and goats, and she loves riding on our four-wheeler with us

My Bella loves to snuggle and is pretty laid back too! She loves squirrels! She likes her attention and gives lots and lots of kisses! 

Our Bella is a very charming girl, especially when she gives us her big ol' "owl eyes", or you can call them puppy eyes. But when she does those, oh, she is hard not to pet! Also, she is a laid back, mellow corgi, especially for being only 2. She loves being pet, sleeping on our beds, and cuddling, she only goes hyper when she's on a chase or we have company.


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