Do you have a favorite Corgi training book? Please share! Adjusting to life with a Corgi can be both fun and challenging. If you've found success with a particular author/trainer, please pass it on! Thanks for being part of the Group.

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"The Guide to Owning A Pembroke Welsh Corgi," by Sheila Webster Boneham, Ph.D.

This was the very first Corgi book I purchased when I got Lu, and it served me well. It's straightforward, has lots of pictures, and is relatively short. It's more of a paperback picture book-type manual, and is one that was very helpful for me.

"An Owner's Guide to A Happy Healthy Pet: The Pembroke Welsh Corgi," by Deborah S. Harper

This was another book I purchased when I was starting-out with Lu, and it has a bit more detail than "The Guide to Owning... ," by S Webster Boneham. It's a bit smaller in size, still contains quite a few pictures, but goes into far more detail in its discussions of Corgi traits, habits, and training recommendations.

"Puppy Kisses are Good for the Soul," by Howard Weinstein & Mail Order Annie

I mentioned this book in one of the other discussions on this thread because it was a fun read, but I should mention that it's also a terrific training manual. Howard Weinstein is a dog trainer by trade, and while he tells some really funny stories about his Corgi, "Mail Order Annie," the book is still a great resource about Corgis, their habits, how they think, and how best to train them.

Although this book is not specific to Corgis, Brenda Aloff's Canine Photographic Guide is just an awesome resource for understanding our furry friends. 


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