Do you have a favorite dog book? Whether it's full of fun stories, or just has some good advice - or both, we'd love to hear from you! Please take a moment to share; it can be long or short, and include an excerpt from the book or not. Thanks for being part of the Group!

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Big Red! My all-time favorite. So it's not about a corgi but it still is that undying,unconditional

love between a person and their dog.

"Puppy Kisses are Good for the Soul," by Howard Weinstein & Mail Order Annie (the Corgi)

This was a fun book that touched my heart; such a great story about a man and his Corgi. "Mail Order Annie," was a hilarious Corgi friend to the author, and he writes about her in great detail. This is actually "2 Books in 1," in that it includes some interesting dog training information, as well. Great book!

Here's an excerpt:

And Furniture (Under)

"Annie actually preferred to be under furniture rather than on it. There's an easy explanation for this: dogs are den animals. Most wild canines have historically spent at least some of their time in underground burrows. And we're not talking caves here. We're talking spaces barely big enough to crawl into.

Which is one reason why crate-training is generally recognized as the best way to housebreak puppies. Where people go wrong is looking at the create from a human point of view. I've lost count how many of my dog-training clients buy crates much too big for their teeny puppies. They think: 'Gee, if I were in there, I'd sure want it to be roomy.' But we humans live in houses, not dens.

Given a small 'den,' a dog thinks: 'Gee, this is barely big enough for me to stand up straight. Just barely big enough to turn around in, if I squeeze. Barely big enough to sleep in, if I curl up. Hey, I love this place!'

So, wherever Annie lived, she picked out her favorite small spaces. That loveseat upon which I used to stretch out and watch TV had just enough room for her to squeeze under it, if she crawled on her belly."

I love Big Red! But my favorite is probably "Where The Redfern Grows". Makes me cry just to think of it, though!

I just read Halo.  Short story told by a dog. he was Jesus' dog.


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