Gwynnie still wants an RV, but she doesn't really start whining until the rainy season (Oct-July, in western Washington).  I mean, the view is cool at 6500', but scenery is wasted on dogs, and a nice sunrise means only that breakfast will be soon:

On the other hand, she can look back and brag about where she's been;  we climbed both of these, and slept on the one on the left (a favorite):

Is this any better than napping on the couch?  Who can say?

At least, in the mountains, the fresh wild blueberries are within reach.

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I know that my Izzy goes out of her way to sleep on the pillow on top of our couch so I can not imagine her camping like this. Beautiful photos though!

After Snickers has sniffed around for 5 minutes she is ready to go inside and watch me work from her spot by the glass door. I think she would love traveling by RV, if she didn't get car sick. Is this a recent trip? I thought you weren't taking Gwynnie on long trips anymore. How is Al doing?

beautiful views!   We have an RV and I don't think my wimpy Corgi could camp like that either, he won't even go outside in the rain. Looks like Gwynnie enjoys it!


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