How often do you guys "Furminate" or brush your corgi(s)? My boyfriend wants to do it everyday because he loves making a pile of fluff, but I told him that's too often. Can anyone here convince him that it's ridiculous? Or correct me :)

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I furminate about once a month, but about weekly I do a wire brushing to her coat. It seems like the furminator does a good job getting the undercoat to come loose and free, and a wire brush does a good job sleeking off the top coat sheddings. A daily brush is never a bad thing, but furminating too often could be... If you do it too much in one spot it tends to just start slicing the fur out of the coat like a razor!
How often I Furminate depends on how bad Tobey seems to be shedding. When he is 'blowing his coat' I can do it every day, but when he's not so bad I do a little every week. Tobey doesn't like to sit for a really long time but he doesn't mind 5 minutes increments. I don't know about you, but if my boyfriend was volunteering to furminate/brush everyday I don't think that is something I would want to discourage ;-).


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