Hello to all 39 pluckers!! Don't know about you, but my dogs are tufting big time. I have been plucking, brushing, or furminating daily. It's a guilty pleasure, sitting on the porch. birds singing, watching the world go by....pulling hair....How about you???

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I've found three nests benefitting from all that Timmy has to offer! Little peeps are getting the Downy treatment! LOL

Welcome back, long time no hear
Thanks for the welcome back. I decided to change jobs, been busy with summer activities, etc. My daughter just looked outside and said" whoa, that's a lot of hair out there, looks like snow"!!!
I just can't imagine. I only have one, you have two!! Between them I'm sure you keep at least two flocks of nesting birds happy.
I think I would need a flock of migrating eagles to use up all this hair....
I agree! It's such a thrill to see all those many, many, many hairs gently floating through the air to help all those homeless/nest less animals. We should be proud of ourselves! LOL
If you ever get tired of plucking butt fluff (I too do this as a matter of robotic habit) you can always shave your Corgi in the summer. They love it!
Exactly! I also sit on porch steps and pluck/furminate away...after a while, Toddy tires of it and walks off to explore.


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