Hi Everyone, I joined this group because I usually find myself plucking tufts while I watch telly but the other day, as I was plucking, low and behold I felt a tick! I immediately took my little guy to the vet and got it taken care of. Ticks are NOT common in my area (the Pacific NW) according to the vet. So, long story short, plucking your corgi's tufts is a good idea because you just might find something that isn't supposed to be there and save your little love from irritation AND disease (Lime Disease, in particular).

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I think that should of been spelled LYME disease...
EWWWW, I hate ticks!!! Charlotte came home from the Corgi farm with one last summer. YUCK!!!
ya, they are disgusting and creepy. FYI everyone, I had the vet put the tick in a plastic ziplock bag so I could take it home and show it to my husband. Out of curiousity, I decided to see how long it could live in that airless, foodless bag.....

11 DAYS!!!!

And my vet said it wasn't on my dog long, that I caught it quick--so you see how long they can live without a food supply.
We live near a bike path that always have ticks on it. The best thing that I found was K9 Advantix- it repels and kills ticks, fleas, bitting fleas, and mosquitoes. Most of the dogs flea and tick products only kill.


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