Ok, first of all Einstein is obvious. The first time I saw a corgi is when we were living in Japan (my husband's in the Air Force) and we were watching Cowboy Bebop at a anime FREAK friends house. I think they had every one ever made good or bad and made us watch them all. lol! Anyway, we loved Cowboy Bebop just cause it was so different and kinda neat. And of course I loved Ein-didn't get Ed so much but Ein was cute and saved the day a couple times so he was cool. I don't know any other dog that knows computers like Ein does. We lived in Japan 6 years and corgis got to be kinda popular off base and I kept seeing them and thought they were sooo cute. One day we went to Tokyo and our hotel was near a dog groomer and this woman with 6 beautiful poofy perfect corgis came walking down the street towards it and we just happened to be walking by and I was like a magnet to her. I didn't know if she knew English but thankfully she knew a little and I kept going saying how cute they were and how "kawaii" they were. She just kept saying thank you. But that impression never left my head and when we moved to San Antonio I had already decided I wanted a brown and white Pembroke named Einstein. Ein for short and that's just what we did. And we loved him so much we got another corgi and named her Daisy. We had to have a boy and a girl and she just happens to be his half sister so they have kind of the same bossy personaliities which I think is funny sometimes and not so much others. But Daisy had many names before we settled on Daisy May. It was Basil which didn't fit her personality and then Bella which was too dainty and finally Daisy May which fit her perfectly. I think that was all the names we actually called her but we thought of so soooo many. It was much harder with her cause we didn't have a name picked out years ahead of time.

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Wrigley was named after Wrigley Field. I lived in Chicago all my life and just recently moved to Dallas. I have been missing Chi-town and my friends like crazy and the whole reason I got a dog was to combat my loneliness. I figured Wrigley was the perfect name for him to remind me of home. :)

I considered about 6000 different names, including: Patronus (mine would be a Corgi for sure), Bowser, Potter, Tonks, Butters, Boba, Fett, Solo and my boyfriend wanted Ein, but I just couldn't name a Corgi mix Ein. I don't think of him as anything BUT a Wrigley now.
I couldn't figure out what to name mine. I almost settled on Ian (from Final Destination 3), but my dad up and said, "You should name her Mischa, after Hannibal Lecter's little sister." (Coming from a man who named a TINY Chihuahua Lucian (after Underworld's Lycan clan leader.)
When I got my corgi I had to name him Ein because I love Cowboy Bebop so much. We made it a long ridiculous show name though so its Ein Edward Jesse James. I believe it sfitting for a dog whose father is name Nitro Wizard.
I bet Edward Wong Hau Pepulu Tivruskii 4th likes Ein's long ridiculous show name. :)
I had wanted to name my tri Atlas (shh really from playing Bioshock but let's just say the greek god for sake of argument) and then I was going to name my red Prometheus since that was one of Atlas' brothers but alas we ended up getting a female red so we went with Artemis (Again greek goddess who shot Orion)... Now before I get my tri I may have to switch Atlas to Apollo (Artemis' twin brother)
I have a tri colored girl and we named her ed after edward in cowboy bebop. We loved the ambiguity of ed's name and it was the only name that my boyfriend and I discussed that made us smile.  We thought about naming her ein but we figured ed was better because it brought a smile to our face when we said her name.
I named my little girl Chezza after Cheza on Wolf's Rain. I had been using the name as my gamer name and always wanted to name a puppy after it as well, so in a scene mine is anime related as well.
My pup is named Lilu after Mila Jovovitch's character in The Fifth Element. Her fur was kind of reddish when she was a puppy (but it's darkened now). But I like to say that it's because she's perfect... and made of love. :)


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