So I just heard that Fox is going to produce a Cowboy Bebop a live action movie.

I'm really unsure if Keanu Reeves will portray Spike well. I really hope that they won't mess it up...what do you guys think?

But I wonder which lucky corgi is going to be cast as Ein?

I'm secretly wishing my Ein can play as himself in the live action movie. :P

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I just heard about this yesterday! I hope he doesn't play Spike, he would be horrible! How about Clive Owens instead? He's hot and he at least has some emotional depth to him.
I agree!
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i didnt even think of that and id heard about the movie. holy shit, open corgi casting call?!?!?! i just want to show up and roll around on the floor. gaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
I hope they hold an open corgi casting call. And I really hope that it won't be a CG corgi.
Wow... If Keanu plays Spike, I'll lose it. Come on people. I agree about Clive. That would be a good fit.

It will probably be a CG corgi. I would love to see a real corgi play Ein though.
I am so horribly disappointed and upset that keanu is going to be playing spike in this. :'( My roommate told me and I started screaming (I'm sure the neighbors think I'm really and truly nuts now) and my boyfriend refused to believe it was official until he saw it announced himself. There are so many actors out there who are so much more qualified to be in this film than him.

I have a distinct and sinking feeling though, that I won't like the movie no matter who takes the role. It's already an iffy proposition since I'm so incredibly fond of the original and will expect a great deal of loyalty to its plot, characters, and general style. It seems like it'd be extremely difficult to turn the series into a cohesive whole and then trim it down to feature film length without losing too much of what makes it so amazing in the first place.
Oh dear. Keanu Reeves is not qualified to play Spike!

I hope they search for Ein candidates! :) There are so many talented corgis here!
I really hope Keanu reeves is not doing it...he is so unemotional and like a robot. I think Clive owen would do a good job...i mean did you see Shoot 'Em Up? That was amazing lol. I would love for there to be a real Corgi...a CG corgi? Not my thing and would ruin the cutness and adorable side of Corgis! I want to go to the casting call and see all those Corgis!
definitely understandable about your reservations with keanu but he does that have that legendary spike-squinty eye thing going on and he's definitely got some kung-fu moves. so i think he might be ok but as for the rest of the cast...yipes. i just just hope they don't cast someone really cheap to play faye. i love the series immensely (my corgi's named ein) but i'm kinda on the fence with the live-action movie. i think it's because this series is so ridiculously good and i personally feel that it was way ahead of its time and perhaps major american audiences are just not ready for it. it's definitely in a league of it's own much like a clockwork orange. i just don't want to see it cheapened by american audiences because well, that's what they usually do (aeon flux, need i say more?)

in a nut shell: the expectations for this film are gonna be very high
I am really not looking forward to Keanu Reeves playing Spike. We need to send a petition to the director requesting that he re consider his options.
Keanu as spike.... ehhh...whatever.

I just hope they have a REAL corgi and not a horribly animated Ein, ie. garfield....

They better not screw this up.
I'm holding out hope that Keanu can pull something out of a long misplaced hat and actually do Spike justice..
if anyone hears of an open corgi casting call, they will post it right? lol my little Ein would LOVE a chance to play his namesake!! lol

What worries me is that reports my husband and I have read are that they are totally keeping the creators of the Anime series OUT of the production of the movie. This fact worries me more than whether or not Keanu can play Spike.. I'll give it a shot as a fan of the series but.. *sigh* I'm starting to have serious flashbacks to FOX trying to bring Doctor Who to the US..


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