I just joined this group because I'm growing somewhat tired of MySpace as I'm not getting enough "networking" through that site. Could someone please explain how I complete the registration for Facebook? I hit a snag when it comes to entering the email and email ID on the second step, don't know what the problem is. Also, do I have to have my full name displayed? My privacy is quite important to me and would prefer not to have my last name splattered on the internet. Any guidance here is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Deanna,

I should think you should be able to just use your last initial. I'm not sure what the problem is with your email. If your email provider allows you more than one email address, maybe you could set up another just for Facebook? My teenaged daughter helped me get set up on Facebook, so I don't remember everything she did. I think one of our more techo-savvy members will pop in here soon and give you better advice.
Finally got something figured out -- evidentally, I had registered for an account a long time ago, but forgot about it. So I had to go through all the changing of passwords, etc.


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