Hi! I recently joined mycorgi.com but i rarely get on! 

I was wondering if there will be any meet-ups? I was looking through the group and last meet-up was around the end of 2010/2011. :O so long ago! i dont know of any recent. I was looking through pics of meetups and i was like 'omg! so many corgis!!!"

My cousin and I would love to go to a dog park to see lots of corgis! We go to Danny Jackson alot but we only see few once in awhile. We have two pembroke. A 3yrs old red and white, and a 2 months tri. 

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we live in Bunker Hill area right off of Westheimer, not far from danny J.  let me know when you want to throw another corgi in the playpen

alrighty. i'll shoot you a message the next time we go :)

We definitely need a meet up! I posted on the main discussion page if anyone wants to meet up on the 19th or 20th next week. We can't wait to meet you guys and your cute corgis!!

oh! i'll be free on the 20th!! :D

i wonder if its possible to mass invite other corgi owners in the group. 

Is there any news on a possible meetup on the 20th? We are going regardless even if Biscuit is the lone corgi, though it would be nice if at least one or two others could join in

actually yeah! if you look on the group wall, there are some people that replied but no actual time/location being set up =/ i'll be going on the 20th also regardless. probably around 5 or 6ish pm.

20th would be good for us also, what park?

I want to meet no matter what too. The 20th is good for me. Have you guys been to the Bill Archer park off Highway 6?


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