Hello Houstonians, 

I am new to the group and to the forum, so excuse me if I seem super inexperienced at this. Anyway above is a picture of my little baby, Stubby. About a month ago, a lab bit her head and she had to get stitches. Although she seems fine now, she has a little bald spot at the top, she is now fairly scared of other dogs. 

I am looking to organize a play date with preferably a calmer dog to just ease her back into playing with other dogs. She does not bite, but I must admit that Stubby is a barker especially when she is scared. Most of the time, she just hides behind me and barks at a safe distance. I want her to be able to play well with others, but I don't want to shock her anymore than she has already been shocked. 

If you have a calm dog and would like to make a new friend (I swear I'm pretty cool myself) - let me know. 


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So sorry to hear your little girl had a traumatic experience. I'm sure with the right exposure to other dogs she will be fine. My Tess is two and a half years old and is good with most other dogs, but she is selective....some dogs she doesn't seem to like. Hope you find a good socializer for Stubby.
Regards, Alan Gould.

Hi Melissa, what part of town are you in?  I have a 4 year old corgi named buddy who is very friendly. I used to take him to the TC JEster dog park every sat. and sun. however, they opened a new park in my subdivision, all fenced in, so now I go there.  I am in NW Houston. Maybe we coudl arrange a meet up. sroth@shelleyroth.com is my email. btw, your pup is adorable.


Awwww, sweet little Stubby!  I'm so sorry he had a bad experience.  I would definitely recommend going to a park at off peak hours so he's not overwhelmed.  When the parks are busy it can be a bit intimidating for any dog.  We're on the SW side and have a 9 year old that is extremely calm and a 3 year old rescue that has never met a stranger.  Together they have a pretty calm energy so we would be happy to meet up with you guys.  Just message me if we're close.


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