One of my friends had Thor and Stormy's brother, Sci. I guess she didn't quite know what to expect with a corgi and got so overwhelmed that I now have him. Problem is, I have 4 others and no job at the moment so adding a fifth isn't really an option, so I'm trying to find someone that could take him. He's a black tri pem with a tail, 4 1/2 months old. I know he had his first two rounds of shots but he never got the last round or a rabies shot. He may also have worms. I live in Brazoria county so I figured I'd post here first.

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Sent you a message :)

I might be interested!


My friend is interested in adopting the corgi puppy but he is concerned about Sci having hook worms/heart worms.  Please send more info about Sci to my email at  He is definitely interested in taking care of Sci.

Thank you all for such quick responses! Hopefully he is getting along great with Cowboy!

I love our community!  It's wonderful how quickly the Corgi lovers come to the rescue when a baby needs a home :)

Yeah he's doing very well! Going to the vet Thursday for all his shots and such. Cowboy adores him.

That is awesome!  They are little twinkies :) So glad they're getting along!


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