A friend of mine is looking to get his second corgi, and was wondering if anyone knows of any Houston Area Breeders.

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There is a discussion thread on this group about breeders in this area. Its a few years old though.  I'm looking for a breeder also and I contacted every one listed in the discussion thread and they are all still breeding as far as I know.  

I would really like to get a cardigan this time, but no one around here seems to be breeding them.  If anyone knows a corgi breeder that also has cardigans (not getting a puppy until June) then please let me know.


Lindsey and Leia

Hi Brian and Spencer! i read about your friend wanting a corgi, are they still searching? i know of a breeder..that is where i got my little isaac :) her dog is in heat at the moment which means she should be getting preggos soon! if you'd like her info please let me know. thank you!

Couldn't hurt in the meantime. I will have to check with him later to see if he found anyone.


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