I would love to do a meet up soonish, so Molly can get to know more corgis!

Is anyone interested?

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Hi Manda and Molly! We are in Friendswood and would love to meet up too. Will you guys be in town Thanksgiving weekend? We could meet at the Bay Area Park next weekend sometime. We also have a little fenced in park at the entrance to my subdivision that we could meet at. Looking forward to it soon!!
Molly and I would love to! I'm not sure about what my work schedule will be next weekend, but most likely we will be able to meet up one of the days! What day/ time would work for you?
Anytime Friday to Sunday would probably work for me. I will have to visit some family one of those days but I can work around that. :) I wish we could meet this weekend but we are going camping and won't be back until Tuesday night.
I get of of work at 5 this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. So any time after that would work

We woud definitely be interested.... we live in League City and all of the suggestions made my the Houston Corgi group are all the way over on the Western side of Houston.... too freakin' far!!!  Our Corgi is named Gracie and we would love to get together with other Corgis!


that would be awesome! molly has only been to a dog park once, but she loved it! Molly and I are going out of town tuesday through sunday. but we would love to do something when we get back! let me know!

Maybe we could plan something for January 20th... I know we don't have plans that day.  Gracie loves to play with other dogs... but has never been to a dog park before.  I know she'll love it! 


Is there a certain park here in our area that you like to go?  I'm open to suggestions.



There's a really nice park, but I can't remember the name, in league city. I'm waiting for a reply to find out the name of it and I'll let you know!

Edit: Heritage Park off of Bay Area and Fife.

I think I know where that is... not very far away at all!  Well.... if you're up for it then the Sunday the 20th would be great.  Maybe there are other Corgis in the area that could come?  That would be great!


We're actually going to look at another Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy tomorrow... we're wanting to get a tri-color Corgi as a "sibling" to Gracie.  Maybe he'll come too if we end up getting him! :)


That would be awesome! How about around 6:30? I know it's later, but I have work until 5

Is there lighting in that park?  It would be pretty dark by then... is there another weekend day that you're available?  Maybe it would be better in the daytime.

I might be able to get it off, I'll let you know


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