I am really interested in starting a corgi meet up group. I am not sure if there is already one started, i am not real savy lately on what is going on meet up wise! I am researching dog parks and have visited a few already! But just let me know what you guys think about it, and if anyone is interested in setting up a date to get together once a month or so with food, games and corgis :]
Emaill me for questions or information! I am really wanting to do this and it would be exciteing.

katiejohnson2 (at) my.lonestar.edu

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So is Danny Jackson Park the one off Westpark? I think I might go. It would be fun, but I'm a little nervous since I've not yet taken Leia to a dog park, just a people one. She greets dogs well, but I've only seen her meet/play with one dog at a time. Certainly, if we come to the event, we will practice at our local dog park in Pearland to see how she behaves. What are all of your thoughts on that?
You got it, it's the one on Westpark. If you have the opportunity to take her to another dog park first it would be a good idea. Being a younger girl, socialization is important so I would highly recommend getting her started at the dog parks. If she is an only dog it's a chance for her to play and run with a pack of dogs, especially a pack of shorties! As long as she doesn't seem absolutely terrified, just give her a chance to get used to the excitement. Personally, there is great joy in watching the group of Corgis run from one end of the park to the other having a blast and getting lots of exercise in the process. Hope this helps!
Yes, thanks! I've been wanting to get out and socialize her. It seems like it took so long to reach that 4 month mark, and now time is flying by. We will practice this weekend. Sounds like fun!
Congrats Caroline! Is Izzie going to be your flower girl? lol
Thanks, and I wish she could've! Likely she'd have eaten the petals though... She's going to enjoy an extended stay at our super-nice vet's. She'll have her own little suite and run, plus get to check out all the other doggies and staff.
Are we going to try to do a meet this month (November)? Will people be in town on the 20th? I believe that is the weekend before thanksgiving. Also, did 2pm work well for everyone? And whenever our next meet is, we should try a larger dog park and save the chihuahuas some grief from the corgi herd.
We would love to come to a November meet-up. Any time except for the Sunday after Thanksgiving works for us. It'd be nice to give our girls some corgi-play time.
Im up for one. A much bigger park this time would be great :D
We can't make the 20th, it's my nephew's birthday party out of town that day. Definitely rotate to a larger park to see if it makes a difference in the pack dynamics!
Has anyone planned any more meetups for December? I'm dying to get my corgi out to meet and observe some other corgis! I know the whole week of Christmas is probably out of the question for everyone. Let me know if anyone wants to meet up anytime soon and we'll figure out which date works best.

We had a meet up today at the Bill Archer Dog Park. But I will plan one for next month. Maybe on Jan 8th 2011 at the same park. We had quite a few Corgis out there today I posted some pics. But I would love to have more people show up. :) More people means more corgi fun


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