So, what's your favorite dogpark in Houston?
I've actually never been to a dogpark in Houston, I've only been to the ones in Pearland. Are they worth the trip?

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For us it's between the Millie Bush Bark Park near Hwy 6 & Westheimer and the Congressman Bill Archer Bark Park off Hwy 6 north of I-10.
I agree with Lady Bug , I have used the one off 610 by west park as well but both Millie Bush and Bill Archer Bark Park have more space to them
Haven't been to any dog parks in Houston. The Millie Bush park is far, but we might have to make a trip out there sometime just for the dogs.
We went to the Maxey dog park and it smelled like sewage in about 2/3 of the park. Aside from that it has nothing special, just wide open space and 1 of 2 water fountains that work. So we are going to try another park and hopefully the new Baytown one will open soon!
Danny Jackson Bark Park is definitely growing on me now that my dogs enjoy splashing in the pond. And it has been a nice corgi meeting spot so far. It's about half the distance that Bill Archer is from me. Plenty of room in the small dog area and all that good stuff.
The Danny Jackson park is very small. The best park I've been to is Bill Archer I-10 and Highway 6 across from the Houston Farm and Ranch club. Small dog park is huge and the big dog park is VERY big, large swimming hole at both. I go to the Cairn Terrier meet up there every month and we have a blast. Danny Jackson is great for in the city....
The Bay Area Park dog park (7500 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, TX 77058) in the Clear Lake area is wonderful. It has lots of mature trees (plenty of shade), with 1 acre for the small dogs and over 5 acres for the large dogs. We frequent both sides of the park. There are human/dog water fountains, dog waste baggies, benches, a small pavilion on each side, and a mix of grassy areas and areas with sand/gravel. The dog park can develop some nice mud puddles after it rains, but there is a hosing off area outside the gates in case anyone gets too muddy! We go every Saturday and Sunday and always have a great time. Unlike dog parks in the city of Houston proper, this one allows children of all ages.
Been to Pearland Park with some friends and it is alright. I like the one in Katy more than I thought I would, I just wish it was closer to me. I tend to go to Millie Bush every weekend it doesn't rain though. Both of my dogs love to swim there. My main complaint about Millie Bush is the lack of trees. But it does allow for larger dogs to get a lot of running and fetching in.


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