May 18, 2013

12 – 4 PM

Urbana Dog Park

Join our 2nd Corgi Convention!

Corgis love to run their legs off.

The convention gives Corgis a chance to run and play in a 10 acre fenced dog park with double-gated entrances for their safety. Humans will enjoy the benches & the shade. Bring your cameras!

The Urbana Dog Park is located at 1501 East Perkins Road in Urbana, Illinois.(The dog park is about 1 mile off Interstate 74. Use Exit 184, head SOUTH on US-45/Cunningham Ave.Turn LEFT on East Perkins Road and drive half a mile. The Urbana Dog Park is on the right.)


Daily admission passes are available at the dog park for non-members. Fill out the admission form and place it along with $5 per dog in the envelope provided.


Dog Park Rules: No puppies under the age of 4 months are allowed in the dog park. There is a maximum of 3 dogs per adult. Children must be at least 6 years old & supervised by an adult. NO Food (people food, dog food, or dog treats) is allowed in the park. For more information about the Urbana Dog Park...


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Sorry i won't be able to make it with Izzie. i had a baby Feb 28 so it's still too soon for me to travel with him. Maybe later in the year.

Exciting!  What did you name your baby?

Maybe we can organize a Freeport Corgi Picnic again this fall. 

Hopefully, it won't get rained out this year.  I was very disappointed that we had to cancel last year.


We will try to make it.  It's a drive, but we drove twice as far to pick up Leena from her breeder (worth it!).

Hope you can make it.

Last year was the first CORGI-CON and we had 23 Corgis. 

I am hoping we get more this year.


I work Saturdays from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

I live in Normal, so this would've been so easy...

No way to ask for that day off? 

Rorey and I will make our best efforts to be in attendance! :)

WELCOME!   Be sure to RSVP on the Main Page listing for CORGI-CON as well.

If people see there are lots of Corgis coming they may make an effort to come as well.  I am hoping we break last year's attendance of 23 Corgis.

Right now we're at a maybe! It depends on how soon she gets her spay and second shots done, as she's still pretty young. If you hold one next Spring or even in this year's fall, I guarantee we will be there!

This is the second CORGI-CON and if it goes as well as last year I will plan another for the spring again. 

In the fall there is our Illinois Corgi Picnic in Freeport and the Wisconsin Corgi Picnic.  You might consider those as well.  However, they are 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 hours away.  That is why I decided to start CORGI-CON.  Central Illinois needed a Corgi event here.

From your page on MyCorgi, your puppy will be too young to attend CORGI-CON this year.  The dog park requires that puppies must be at least 4 months old.  That is pretty standard since they need to have all their shots before interacting with other dogs.  I noticed that you are a new Corgi owner, so you might come anyway to meet with other Corgi people and ask questions.  You might learn a lot talking to these people and it would be fun to see the Corgi interaction.

Be sure to post lots of pictures of your new baby.  I want to see what a blue tricolor looks like!

I will pass this date along to my son and his Corgi, Kallie.  We both live in Champaign-Urbana.  I'll bet he will be in attendance with Kallie and I will plan to tag along, being Kallie's grandma. 

SUPER!  Thanks for spreading the word, Stephanie.  I would love to meet more Corgis in Chamapign/Urbana.

The flyer info will also be available in the News Gazette paper and on our local TV sites online.

Last year, one of the local stations featured it with local events on the TV.

See you at CORGI-CON!


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