Is anyone going through loss or their Corgi or recovering from prior loss. Please feel free to pay tribute to your loved one.

"If you have a dog, you will most likely outlive it; to get a dog is to open yourself to profound joy and, prospectively, to equally profound sadness." Marjorie Garber

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I wrote this poem for Courtney the day she died.

She walks beside me on silent paws...

My only true friend... Why do you have to leave me?
You're loyalty is true,
I can't see why this has to be...
I will miss your loving glance,
the touch of you when I'm sad..

You comforted me when I was ill,
sat by me when I slept.
Why does that disease have to kill?
I would have always kept
diligent watch over you.
My life, my truth...

After you're gone,
what can I do...
Who will hide with me?
Who will share the grief,
I never knew I loved you this much.
To hear about this was a punch,
In my stomach, killing me slowly too.

From Heaven watch over me.
Tell me what's right
Until that day I die too,
Wait for me at the gates...
Save me a place at the table,
in Heaven we'll talk again..

I love you forever.
Goodbye, Courtney!

Written February 15th 2001

Copyrighted to me! Do not copy without permission!
That is so beautifully written and you can feel it was from your heart. Well done.
Carmen, that is an absolutely beautiful tribute to Courntey's life and how she cared for you. I found it very moving to read and it really touched me. joy
I wrote this poem the day she died before I found out. I knew when she passed away. I was at college and called my dad. I really didn't have to; I knew that she had crossed the bridge. I cried for days. It was very hard to lose her.

Goodbye My Shadow
3/90 to 7/9/05

That silver muzzle is no longer here
To nuzzle my hand as I shed my tears.

Old friend I will miss you so
As through this life I continue to go.

I remember your big head at six weeks old
Attached to that tiny body of bones.

We took you home and fed you up
And you became a sturdy pup.

And then when you were one or two
I shared the breath of life with you.

You’ve been my Shadow from that day to this
And you’re loving presence I greatly miss.

Today I freed you from your pain
I hope that my loss is your gain.

I looked to throw you a treat tonight
But no trusting eyes greeted my sight.

Later I reached to scratch your old ears
Then couldn’t hold back the flowing tears.

I hope you’re in a better place
And smiling again with your doggy face.

By Linda Brock © 7/9/05

He was gotten for my son but gave me his heart and soul the day he strangled to death and I gave him CPR and he came back to life...He wasn't a corgi, but he was best friends to our oldest two that have followed him...

Goodbye Sweet Mist
By Linda Brock ©12/06

Again I've come to say goodbye to a dear and faithful friend.

Dear Mist, our love and memories of you will never end.

I'm thankful your life joined with ours,

If only for ten years...

Believe me, precious, beautiful girl,

Our lives are richer

Though we now shed tears...

We lost Mist to cancer when she was ten years old. Our OC (Ornery Cuss) is her daughter, and BG and Dott are her grandpups.


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