Is there another meetup scheduled? If there is I can't find it, and if there isn't lets start discussing now!


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LaRissa, I am posting another one today for the 30th of July @ Orion Dog Park! Sorry summer got kind of busy!!!

Hope you can make it!

There is a yappy pet expo @ the orion park on sunday...maybe that may be fun! Instead of Sat.

So is it Saturday or Sunday?

Whee! I vote Saturday!

We need one in the Ann Arbor area! Tilly and I just moved out here and need some corgi buddies!

we will just missed one in June.  :-)


So... any decision yet on this weekend?


I went to the Yappy pet expo & stayed for about an hr. & a half - it was so hot!.  We had a nice time, but didn't see any other Corgis!!  We were sad abt. that , but would still like to meet up with some more Mi Corgi friends.  Perhaps the weather had something to do with the turnout.  It was in the 90's.  Lucy & Merlin both went in the water (I'm pretty sure it was accidedental).  Fortunately they had their life jackets on!  The dock there (at Orion Oaks) is not great for our little dogs because there's no beach.  They have to jump (or fall) in off the dock & they have ramps (covered in rubber) for the dogs to climb up.  The ramps (at least for my guys) were a whole new experience & they had to be taught how to climb up.  The big, water dogs love it.  My guys enjoyed watching the big dogs retrieving balls except they thought the dogs were retreiving the balls for them & so when the dogs went to their owners with the balls, they barked them!  Lucy also decided to roll in the dirt after she came out of the water (in her life jacket).  She was quite sandy but very funny (to me anyway).


Are there any corgi owners in the UP?  I would love to meet anyone who lives here.



I would still like to see a meetup in the tri city area. I live in Freeland and we have a small dog park here. Or in Midland. Maybe there is somewhere else we could meet that I do not know about. Anyone interested?

Checking to see if there are many corgi owners in the Oakland County area that would be interested in a meet up at Orion dog park this spring.  Would love to see the many different corgis out there.


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