Our corgi Camber recently passed away and we'd like to get another corgi as soon as possible.  We'd prefer an young adult, but am open to any possibilities. 


Please send me a PM if you know of a corgi who needs re-homing or any other corgi we may be able to buy/adopt.


I've been a member on this forum for several years and have plenty of references.



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Hi Moses,

The breeder I used has a few young adults, cardis and pems.  Her name is Carol Kasabian and the kennel is Benever Corgis.  You can find her on facebook under Carol Kasabian.  She is in Granby, MA and has beautiful dogs.  Please contact her so she can tell you about the dogs which are available.

Moses would you mind friending me - thanks!

Do you mean friending on Facebook?

No Sharon friending on MyCorgi. In order to private message you need to be friends.

You can contact the Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club to see what rescues they have available http://www.mayflowercorgiclub.org/getting_rescue.php

You can also contact Karen & Sam Baker of Crystal Corgis   crystalcorgis@yahoo.com

Both my Max and Katie are from there.  Max was a rescue but he originally came from there, Katie was one of her show dogs that was being retired.  In fact they are uncle and niece.  Excellent dogs.

Also there is Anne Bowes of Heronsway Corgis  (781) 934-0110  heronsway.corgis@verizon.net

You can always check to see if she has any that are retiring.

Both breeders are in MA.


this is an ad posted on facebook for a corgi in case you are interested

here is the face book link as wellhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/newenglandcorgis/  so sorry for your loss

Thanks for the lead.  We have not found a new buddy yet.


Just wanted to bump this thread. 


We are still looking for a Corgi.  We have been in conversations with a breeder that sounded promising, but until we have a corgi, we don't have a corgi... :-(


House is so lonely and couch is empty without a Corgi.  We hope to have one soon.


Thanks for all help so far and please continue to give us leads. 

Great news, we have taken in a new member to our family, Lily.  She is sweetest corgi and total love bug.  She take all the belly rubbing you can give her.  She'll be two in a couple of weeks.  Thank you to Mae & Charlie for bring Lily into our life.


She was able to figure her dog bed and was such a good sleeper.  Pulls on the walk, but she doesn't know the neighborhood yet.  More picture to follow.


I am so happy for you guys for a house just isn't a home without a corgi to share it 

Last night, she went right for the bed and slept like big girl all night!

Woohoo!!!  I am so happy to hear this wonderful news!  Can't wait to see pictures of Lily.  May you have many many years of wonderful corgi bliss.


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