Our corgi Camber recently passed away and we'd like to get another corgi as soon as possible.  We'd prefer an young adult, but am open to any possibilities. 


Please send me a PM if you know of a corgi who needs re-homing or any other corgi we may be able to buy/adopt.


I've been a member on this forum for several years and have plenty of references.



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There she is! You don't know how happy I am that this is working out. Enjoy every minute with her and don't forget to keep the pictures coming. - Mae

She is such a pretty girl!  Sounds like this is going to be a perfect match for both of you.

Tomorrow will be a big day.  I am going to the office and she'll be left alone for most of the day.  We are working on a routine with her so hopefully she'll catch on soon and there won't be any accidents.  I think she is still nervous being here, so she isn't giving us the cues to later her out.

I want to start walking her with a leash on the collar.  I plan to start out with harness and collar leash in case she tries to squirm out of the collar.  She has so much more energy than Camber did, but Camber 10+.  We did the normal lap I did with Camber in less than half the time.

She's not use to doing her business with a leash.  She is catching on pretty quickly. 


She did the dog stairs twice for kibble rewards.  We ran up a huge set of stairs and she was loving it today.  Everything is so new for her.

Sadly, this thread reminds me I should update my avatar.


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