Gracie ate part of a mini-cassette tape Wed. She started vomiting and we took her to the ER. They treated her with fluids and shot. She would not eat yesterday. Took her to the vet. They did an X-ray - showed gas and a circle. They gave her an enema and the parte came out with some tape. Sent us home with metronizidale. The diarrhea stopped but she won't eat and is just laying around. I am waiting for vet's office to open. I also left a message for the on-cAll vet. I am so worried about her.

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I am so sorry that your sweet girl is sick.  I hope the vet was able to get her on the right path.  Please keep me posted.  


Oh no!!  How is Gracie?! Did she need surgery?  Lucy had to have an exploratory last year because she ate a rubber bone, and ugh, a tampon.  I hope that she is ok.



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