Hi all, I am new to the area. I'm looking for a good dog park to take my corgi Ranger too.

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The fort woof dog park is by far my favorite one to take Mikko to, but its a bit of a drive from my house. The small dog area is huge with water fountains, benches and a covered area. The Irving dog park is only a couple of minutes away and its really nice. They have two large dog areas and two small dog areas. Not a lot of shelter on cold windy mornings, but otherwise its nice. I've also been to the lewisville dog park. Not really any trees and the dog fountains are outside of the fenced in area. Hope this helps. Welcome to the area.
My favorite by far is the Wagging Tail dog park. It's not the largest dog park, but it is kept very well and the dogs there are so very friendly!!! I always run into a corgi or two when I visit, too, which is always a big bonus. There is also a place called Arbor Hills, it is not a dog park. I heard about it from a fluff butt friend online, and I asked some of my friends with dogs. A lot of them have actually visited it with their dogs and they say it's a brilliant place to go. So much fun for both the dog and the owner. I'm going to check it out as soon as I can. Might be a place of interest for you too.

Hi Emily!  My husband and I just moved to Dallas too.  We've been taking Winston to the Wagging Tails dog park on Keller Springs road.  We lucked out living down the street from it.  Its really nice, they have a small dog area and a big dog area and lots of room for the dogs to run around.  We've only gotten to take Winston once but can't wait for it to get a little bit warmer so we can go way more often.

theres a great new dog park in lewisville at railroad park, also denton has a big dog park called wiggly field

We frequent the park at at the Lewisville RailRoad Park.  It is fairly new but it does have both small and larger dog areas.  The trees are still new so not much shade,  There is a covered area in both parks.  We had gone to a the park in the Plano area that was really nice.  We are going to go to the park off of Keller Springs so looking forward to it! 


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