Hi all, I am new to the area. I'm looking for a good dog park to take my corgi Ranger too.

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We go to Jack Carter dog park in central Plano most weekends [http://www.plano.gov/Departments/ParksAndRecreation/Parks/Pages/Dog....] We bring my beloved buddy, my Corgi, Roscoe, and his older brother (not really his brother, not a corgi, a 14-yr old rescue mutt), Gizmo, and my son's two dachsunds. We all have a blast. We've only started going in the last couple months and it's been really good for Roscoe to become more acclimated to being around other dogs he's not familiar with.


It's funny, though, Roscoe likes to be around and meet the new people more than he's interested in the other dogs. And he's so friendly and outgoing, other people are just drawn to him and are really friendly toward him, especially kids.


It's a lot of fun, I'd highly recommend this park.

There's a great dog park in Fort Worth at Gateway Park which is on Beach St...just off of 30. We take our guys out there a lot. I know it's been voted as one of the best dog parks.

Ft. Worth Dog Park is awesome - there are benches and tables to be able to sit and visit - wash off areas, watering areas etc.  they have two separate fenced in areas one for large breeds and one for the small guys.  GREAT PARK

We go to the Arlington dog park a lot. It's off of Green Oaks, behind the animal shelter. It's pretty nice. We also go to Fort Woof in Fort Worth sometimes and that one is really nice.
Emily, which town to you live in?
There's a great dog park off near the intersection of Keller Springs and Preston in Dallas!
Wiggly Field Dog Park in Denton is quite nice; lots of trails in the back to explore, small and large dog park with a middle section for dogs that are unsure about interacting, benches and shade trees. There is also plenty of room to throw balls and frisbees.


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