I am having a issue, if some of you remember there was corgi up on craigslist about a month ago. My girlfriend and I got him, and overall he is a good dog. However we are having some issues.

We have a another corgi that we have had for over a year and he is great.

After about 3 weeks, he has become food aggressive and he has snapped a couple of times at me, and growls very loudly at my other dog if he gets too close.

we wanted to get a friend for our dog, and he seems to becoming too aggressive, he is even starting to become aggressive with toys towards him.

I feel he would be great as an only dog, and he is a very loving dog, and lays on the couch and will lay in your lap and loves to be pet, and he travels great, he just sits in the back seat looking out the window. 

If anyone has some advice or would possibly like him. Please send don't hesitate to contact me.

Again he would be a great single family dog, as this is his background. Also he isn't neutered, but I have gotten him up to date on shots.

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Stuart: I have a similar problem with my 10 year old and seven year old, since we first got them.  I know what their limitations are, meaning what could start a fight. I never feed them in the same room. Treats are given when they are not next to each other. I did get them fixed, that helped some what. I keep bitter apple close to me, since they both seem to be jealous of the "momma time".  I am no expert here, but I did not want to give one up. I have asked others on here about 2 boys, but everyone else's seem fine. My younger one was the runt, but now he is the one getting aggresive at times.  My oldest just knows better, I can control him. I am told it is the "top dog" sometimes with two dogs.  Again, no expert, just saying what has worked for us. Good Luck!

Are both dogs alphas?  Sounds like a dominance fight to me.  Neutering the new dog may help curb aggressive behavior.

Are you the dominant dog in your pack?  It also sounds like the new dog is challenging your authority over him by his snapping at you.

Have you taken the new dog to obedience training?  Has the current dog been?

Also, a month is not really enough time to get an older dog, like your new one, fully adjusted to the new place.  When we were meeting with shelter folks during our search for Kirby, they all advised that it would take a couple of months for the new dog to start to get in tune with the family and the new environment.

Update on Bunsen, we just got him Neutered the other day, and now he is in his cone of shame. Him and my other corgi seem to be getting a long better, there are still some issues, but it does seem like he is improving. He is still food aggressive to me and my girlfriend, but I think we can work on that too. He has to wear the cone for a couple of weeks adn then we remove the sutures, and I know its not an over night fix, but I am hoping that it helps.

Nicole's forwarded me the contact info for someone who might be interested in Bunsen.  The interested party has owned Corgis before, so she'd be up to speed on what Corgis need.  Add me to your friends so I can message you the e-mail address.

Hi!  I am the friend Nicole was speaking about.  Where did you get Bunsen from?  Have you tried taking him to any kind of obedience training?  He would definitely be a single dog in our family.  I am a little worried about the aggressiveness.  Feel free me message me anytime.  Although, if he is doing a little better, I imagine you might want to keep him! :)


I understand the concern about the aggressiveness. I have to take him back to the vet in about a week and half to remove the stitches. He is doing a little better, but he is still showing some aggression. I need to mention he did bite me once a couple of weeks ago. I kept pushing him and he was growling at me and finally I push him too far and he got me once. I didn't need anything but a band aid. That has been the only time he has snapped or bit anyone. Overall he is a loving dog, right now he is laying on my lap as I write this. You are right that if he improves, I would want to keep him. I will keep you posted.


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