I've been trying for a few months to find a corgi, preferably a young male, in the North Texas area, with not much success. I live in a good sized, two bedroom town home with no personal backyard, but I'm located by two dog parks with a walking trail right down the road.

Since its been so difficult, I have even considered buying a puppy, though I was hoping to adopt.

If anyone has any information as to a corgi who is up for adoption, or even some good places to buy a puppy, I'd really appreciate it!

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Hi Sara - I just went through this too a few months ago. Look under Community & Pets on Craigslist for adoptable corgi. I extended my search out to surrounding areas including Oklahoma, Houston, San Antonio, etc. (rescue groups as well) and found the most adorable little boy in Abilene. Just be very wary of "rehoming fees" and make them email you proof of shots, etc. if they say they have them. My little guy had not had shots, declaws removed, tail docked, etc. but we got him all taken care of and his big sister loves him. I will tell you that I found my male is much more layed back than my female. Check Petfinder as well.  Good luck! 

Tracy, Gertie & Sheldon

I've been looking on craigslist diligently, with no success so far but I'm not going to give up just yet. Thank you for the advice!

Sara..I saw that there were 3 cogis that were saved in Kansas....I believe it was KS Corgi Rescue.  I follow alot of corgi (owners) on Face Book and I will ask if anyone knows of any.  They are by far my favorite breed!!!!  We have a Siberian Husky who was the runt in the litter and no one wanted and rescued a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky.  But, my daughter and her ex-boyfriend had 2 corgis...one that I kept for a year because he was on tour world wide. When they broke up he took both of them and I literally cried for a year because I missed her so much.  So, for my BD, Anniversary and Christmas gifts, my hubby let me purchase one.  He is my favorite...corgis are so funny, amusing, crazy, loving, personal-able, cuddly and just an all around amazing dog!!!!  I adopted mine from a breeder in FL...where they only have 2 corgis...who work their cattle.  They are both show dogs and they only have one litter a year.  He has his full papers and it wouldn't matter.  He can read my thoughts and moods.....

Wait....ha ha...you already know what you want!  Sorry...I get all sentimental when it comes to him!  If you want to find a breeder, let me know....but, check the surrounding states pet rescue.  Hope this helps!!!

Yes! I just love their sweet curiosity. CCK looks amazing, and I'm keeping them on my radar. Thank you!!


This just came to my email.....it is a corgi....good luck!

Unfortuately he has some sort of terrier mixed in. Not that I mind, but the complex I live in is terrified of dangerous dogs and he looks like he has some pitbull in him. I wouldn't be able to take the poor guy :(

Are you on FaceBook?  I see them pretty regularly...if you want to add me my acct is www.facebook.com/bandmomma

I tried adding you, but it says the link is broken. Mine is facebook.com/sara.easterling

Hi Sara: As they said below Pet Finder is a good source.  Look up Corgi rescue adoptions.  I volunteer for DFW Lab Rescue (don't worry I have 2 Corgis and 1 Lab!!)  and you would be suprised how many good animals are lost or not wanted and need a home. One is: http://corgi.rescueme.org/Texas   The good thing about most rescue groups, a foster keeps the dog, & knows their temperment and has a better feel to place a dog for you with your needs in mind.  A Shelter really does not know like a foster mom or dad would. I hope that helps.  Will pray the angel will be in your arms soon!! 

Thank you! I've been looking at fosters mostly, for this reason exactly. I appreciate your help and I'm going to keep a close watch on that site.

Agree with Debi - I have personal experience with the rescue in Kansas - it's called Corgi Connection, and here is their website: http://www.corgiconnection.com  They always have GREAT looking dogs they post on facebook, and I'm always avoiding going to get another!  She hooked us up with our Jack, although he wasn't officially in the rescue program yet.  Good luck!

I've been keeping a close watch on their site. They look very promising, thank you!


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