We've just moved to Corvallis and would like to connect the tons of other corgis we've been seeing with each other. There are so many corgis here! My Pocket would love to get to play with the friendly ones. I'd be happy to try and organize monthly meetups if anyone is game.


Thoughts???  Maybe even trips to the beach would be amazing?

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Good evening!


I live in Philomath so I am just down the road from you. I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Dozer, who is 6 years old. We would love to get together for a play date! I also have a friend, Elaine Mancuso, who has Albert, another Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and she is always up for meeting new friends. (We took agility classes last year together :)


My work email (fastest way to get to me) is nancy@devcoengineering.com. My cell is 541.231.0683. I am usually free in the evenings, Saturday afernoons and Sunday afternoons.


As I say, I live in Philomath, and I have good sized backyard, with a wading pool and I am always happy to entertain!


Look forward to meeting you!



Hi. I know that I don't qualify YET but I live in Salem and am getting a puppy sometime soon. Well. In under a year anyhow.

I would love to be able to know more corgi owners who are around me.. It'll be something really fun for my pup and I when I get him:) (I'm not like.. Out there so I have a hard time making friends:D So I'll let my soon to be dog do it for me xD)

But yeah.. When my pup is around, deffo, if you want lol:P

I just got a cute Pembroke and live in Corvallis! She's 6 and has been really friendly to oth dogs. I would love to hear from you! My email is adelelchristensen@gmail.com. Any time but Monday and Tuesdays would be awesome!

We have an 11 week old puppy in Corvallis. Keep us posted!


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