Hello, first time posting anything I just became a member yesterday!

 Enzo is a little bit over 5 months now and the days are getting much shorter.  He hardly ever barks at things during our day time walks but for some reason during the night he freaks out on every little sound.  Has anyone else experienced this type of behaviour?

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My cardi Jon (now 10 mos old) used to be overly sensitive to noises and light/movement at night; he was actually (literally) afraid of his own shadow and would bark at it incessantly. [ugh] Sometimes he'd refuse to go to the bathroom because he was so anxious. Thankfully, however, after a few weeks he stopped fearing his shadow and now is much less noisy/nervous going out at night (but heaven forbid there be a deer/critter anywhere near our property). I have two Cardigans and Jon is just on the high strung side compared to the other. He is my watch dog (which is actually an instinct bred into corgis) and he's super sensitive to "impending danger." Hopefully, Enzo is just going through a phase and will learn through experience (cause you gotta let them out) that there's nothing to be afraid of. Maybe take treats outside and praise her heavily so she'll associate the dark with something pleasant.
My husband always jokes it's their big ears their sensitive! Seriously mine bark more at night at every little thing just nervousness, so I agree a clicker and some treats and they forget about the boogeyman!


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