This has been challenging!  So glad I have wood floors : )  I guess the challenge is going outside with her to make sure all is "safe".  My backyard is pretty secure, but I would hate to take the chance of some little guy just sneakin' in.  So this will last for three weeks eh?  Cali also seems a little mopey.  Is this normal??

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Oh yes, we are going through this right now with our 11 month old! It seems like a year around our house as we have neutured and an unneutered male so we really have challenges. You are right to watch her outside as the smell will bring dogs and they can be very persistent! Yes 3 weeks will be about it and between hormones and being a baby my Sage just looks at me like she is wondering what is going on! Hardwood floors are much easier and she won't bleed the whole time but that doesn't mean she done with it!


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