Our older dog Gracie had digestive issues earlier and did well on California Natural Lamb and Rice.  We decided to put Dyson on the puppy version of it.  We've been noticing that he has been having accidents a lot.  Sometimes he has had diarrhea.  We took him to the vet and his stools were okay.  She put him on metro. and flora for a while.  He was doing better. Then he started having accidents again.  We're thinking we may need to gradually change his food. We like to feed our dogs a premium dog food.  Ideally, we would like to eventually have them on the same food.  But, Gracie has done well on her food so I hate to switch her.  I understand the California was bought by Proctor and Gamble. Not sure if the food quality will change or has changed. 

Btw, Dyson goes for his neutering next Monday.  I will be so worried about him!

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I've been feeding Leo Royal Canin. I'm beginning to think its not the correct food for him. He eats quite a bit of it. Though I am not using a measuring cup so I might be wrong. He's 11 weeks old now and I have no idea how much he should be eating a day. OR if Royal Canin is the correct food for him. He seems to LOVE it though.
Griffin gets Blue Buffalo (chicken and brown rice). I used to give my other corgi Nutro Ultra. I used Nutro Max with my Samoyed back in the '90s. I think both of these (Blue Buffalo and Nutro) are good. I would have stayed with the Nutro for Griffin, but he was getting Blue Buffalo at his breeder's, so we stuck with that. We converted our other dog, a Lab 'hybrid' (as my wife likes to call her) to the Blue Buffalo, too. We like it, plus, it's available in some stores where the Nutro is/was not.
I used Wellness for a while but it's only at one very out of the way place so I switched to Purina puppy food. Luckily, Emilia Snuggles eats anything, so I didn't have to worry about switching her over. I may go back to wellness, or something else, because now she's been digging into my carpet and eating dirt. I understand that's a sign she's not getting enough nutrients?
How much do you feed your pup? I'm feeding her 1/2 cup twice a day with a small snack at lunch while I eat. Granted, she's always hungry, or so her sad face proclaims, but I'm wondering if I should up her intake a little? We're both very active and walk a lot, plus she loves playing in the snow.


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