We lost another one of our dearest Corgi angel's last week, Andy who was 12 years old.  Only 4 months after our other Corgi, Barney. We are in shock and completely devastated.  I was with my angel's 24/7 as they worked with me everyday and we were always together.  This is the first time we have been without a corgi since, 1992 and I'm sure we will have another.  But, right now it is just too much to think about.  Even though we have gone through this before, it just gets harder and more heartbreaking.

A Tribute to a Friend


A little bundle of joy

Brought home so long ago

We fell for him right from the start

The love was real, we know


At first it seemed he was ours to keep

So safe and sound…but, no

For looking back we realize

He came to help us grow


To teach of love unconditional

And friendship with no end

To make you feel a special way

He had broken hearts to mend


Always making welcome

Whoever would drop by

And help you through the sad times

With comfort when you cried


It’s true that living in our hearts

Even when they’re gone

Will keep alive the memories

That helps us to go on


But still we shed so many tears

The pain is real and deep

We think of all that we have lost

And dream of him in sleep


But now he runs and plays all day

Corki and Christi at his heel

The aches and pains will be no more

Only good things will he feel


And now he watches over us

To see that we’re okay

And we will keep on missing him

Until we meet again one day

We miss you both so much,

Barney – 4/19/1999 – 3/29/2011

Andy – 4/16/1999 – 7/31/2011

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awww I'm so sorry. Your lovely poem gave me chills. I lost my precious Corgi friend, Penny Black, in March & know the heartbreak you are going through now.
So sorry for your losses....may they be running and playing until you meet them again:) RIP Barney and Andy and know you were loved!
Awwww Rhonda, I am so sad for you!! The only cure for what you are going through is time and a puppy. Supposedly we can only know as much joy as we have known sadness (something like that). The loss of our furry family members illustrates that so well. Corgi hugs!
Awe i am so sorry to hear, such heartache. Your poem is beautiful. Our corgis are so precious to us, and we have such a short time with them. But treasurer all the love that is received and fond memories that you have.

So sorry to hear this news about Andy

So sorry for your losses Rhonda. You will all be together one day. :)


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