I lost my corgi, Langston, 4 weeks ago today on Oct 1 and I'm still devastated.  He was 11 1/2 and seemed to be a healthy, happy corgi with many years ahead.  And around Aug he became very lethargic, wouldn't go on his daily walks and then when he refused a piece of steak, we knew something was seriously wrong.  We got an ultrasound on aTues and he had to be put down by Fri.


Everytime we walk into the house or when someone comes to the door, my heart breaks because Langston was always there to greet us. So many people loved our dog that when they found out he was going to be leaving us, they asked to visit him before he left.  He charmed everyone wherever he went.  Even people who didn't like dogs, liked Langston.  The house is so empty without him.


We do plan to get another corgi, hopefully soon, but I trust that the Universe will determine the right time.  In the meantime, this website is helpful although it's bittersweet.  I smile and laugh when I see all the wonderful corgis because they connect me with moments when Langston was still here.  And of course, at the same time, they remind me that he's not.



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So sorry about your loss. I am afraid we never really get over the loss of the special ones but eventually our memories focus more on the happy times. When we lost our Buffy a few years ago I ended up getting a puppy right away(Izzy) and she really helped me remember Buffy as a healthy happy pup instead of the sick girl she became. I am glad you found this web site and find comfort in reading about everyone. Eventually you may be ready to bring a new one in and we will enjoy hearing about it. Langston looks like he was a really cutie!
Thanks for your kind words. This site is helpful because you know exactly what we're going through. Although I'm not crying every day any more there's moments when it's like the breath is just sucked out of me when I get a memory of Langston. And then there's other times when the thought of him just makes me laugh.

I visited someone with 6 corgis yesterday and I could find a bit of Langston in each one. One layed against the door and blocked anyone from going out, someting Langston would do. Another knocked the others out of the way so he could get attention, something my attention hound would do. Another had her backside shaking, something Langston would do when he was scared by lightening or fireworks. And so on... He was such a joy. We are looking forward to the next corgi adventure.
@ Bev - Your kind spirit is evident in every comment you post. It's getting so that I just read your words, smile & say to myself, *Bev* I know it's your post w/o even reading your name.
I am so sorry about your loss of Langston and know too well that feeling when you come through the door and your faithful loyal corgi is waiting at the door for you. My heart goes out to you and I know that only time and another corgi helps ease the pain.
Thanks for your comments. We're working on time and another corgi. I'm sure we'll get another before the end of the year. Friday I went to visit Tammy who lives in this area and has 6 corgis ranging from 15 yrs to 3 mos. I definitely got a dose of corgi love and yet it wasn't enough because they weren't mine. But it was great to be with all those corgis.
I'm sorry to hear of you're loss. I just lost my Tri Corgie Corky 2 weeks ago. I was heart broken too. He was almost 11 years old. He had lymphoma and I had to put him to sleep. I didn't want him to suffer any longer. Someday I believe we will all be reunited with out fury pals. I'm sure Langston loved you as much as you loved him. I cried for 2 days after I lost my friend. I know what you mean about the house feeling empty. My wife approched me about getting another Corgie and at first I was totally against it. After talking with a few friends they thought it was a great idea. I started thinking maybe it was because I was so lost without my friend. We got a new puppy last week Tuffy, and he is helping me alot. He's not Corky, but he's his own little man. I will never forget my best friend ever, but it's been a god send to help me get over the incredible sorrow I felt. In due time you'll be ready You'll know when. Take care and remember you'll never forget him and he'll never forget you, and all you gave him.
So maybe Langston and Corky are playing together on the bridge. It's interesting...Langston was a tri, he was 11 and he had 3 tumors in his spleen...sounds so much like your Corky. I talked to someone today about the possibility of getting a rescue corgi. She has 3 that are retiring from competition and are age 3. My husband was ready for a new corgi within 2 weeks. I believe our next corgi will show up when the time is right. We'll everyone posted on our progress. I'm glad you found a new fur friend in Tuffy. Did you get another tri?
I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you Connie. To answer you're question, no Tuffy's coat is red color, it's peanut butter color. I thought it would be better to get a different color this time. I had my choice between a sable and a red and I picked the red because Tuffy was so friendly when we went to the breeder. I hope you're doing well. I still have my moments. Christmas was REALLY hard for me. I had 11 of them with Corky and still miss him terribly. I started crying after looking at some pictures of him and my wife knew right off the bat what was wrong with me. She said "I hope you cry that much for me when I'm gone" LOL It's weird how you can love an animal so much. Take care. 
@Connie - It's amazing how many traits Corgis share. Awkward sleepers, road hogs, attention hogs, and funny, sweet, quirky friends. BTW, Rafa is now available on loan...anytime. Just name your dates. He's booking up fast.
I'd be there in 2 minutes except for the fact I think we're on two different coasts. Not only do our Corgis share a lot of traits, I've been told by 2 different vets that Corgi owners are different! I think "quirky" is a trait that fits us also.
@ Connie - I agree. I've never met a corgi or corgi owner that I didn't like instantly.
Connie, so sorry for your loss! It's hard but yes, you willknow when it's time to open your heart to another. The memories will live on and eventually you can smile when you think of Langston and what he would have done!


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