Hey all! Are there any other owners out there living in the Ventura County or Santa Barbara area? :) Seems like Jax gets so much attention because not many people have seen a corgi around town, so it might be nice to meet others and have him play with dogs his size!

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Indy and I live in Thousand Oaks! Ventura County, represent.

wow. another corgi in Ventura county :-).  Scout's vet just moved to an office in T.O.  She is absolutely wonderful! We are following her to T.O.

Maybe we can set up a play date

Napolean and I live in Thousand Oaks too! Have we not seen each other yet?? :O

BTW for you Ventura County folks: Check out http://www.robinonthelamb.com/ and book your dog a herding instinct test! Robin is awesome, and herding is a lot of fun. :) It's in Fillmore, CA, bit of a hike from Santa Barbara unfortunately!

Oh wow thanks for the info! I really wanted to see if Jax could do it or if he'd be intimidated by the big animals...but I don't think so so I want to try that out :) We want to try agility, too!

Corgis are pretty brave, your lil one may surprise you! Mine ran up to them like "You sheep listen to me!" and most of the corgis I've seen instinct testing since then are the same. :)

This looks awesome!  Rascal would love it!  He loves farm animals.

Scout and I live in Ventura.  We don't see many other corgis either.  When we do, they are usually here on vacation.

Jax is adorable!

 Are you going to the dog show at the Ventura fairgrounds this weekend?

No we haven't attended any dog shows yet. We might soon!

Cane and Poppet live in Camarillo!

We are in Camarillo.  We just moved from Oxnard, and we saw Corgi's regularly there.  Escpecially in the Channel Islands Harbor.  I would like to invite you to a public event happening today.

Please join us for the 1st Annual Stewart & Friends Corgi fest, in honor of our friend and fellow corgi, Otis Mooney.  Otis was recently diagnosed with advanced Canine Lymphoma.

Rescued only a year and a half ago from the Camarillo Shelter, Otis, a four year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi has lived a great life with his mom Alex, but he was missing one thing! He never got to attend a corgi picnic!

In order to help Otis fulfill his dream, Stewart (a famous Corgi) is rallying to gather all Ventura County Corgi's to gather for a corgi fest!

Because time is of the essence, we are limited in what we can plan. We ask that all "corgi" family members provide their own picnic lunch, drinks, and chairs or picnic blankets.

Our friends Arlene & Shauna Renee, have graciously offered us the use of the greenbelt area near their home to hold our picnic. It will be located at the end of the cul-de-sac on the greenbelt located next to the pool area. Signs will be posted.

We will be holding a raffle with some great prizes. All proceeds will be donated to B.A.R.K., a Simi Valley rescue that specializes in corgis! 

2955 Deacon Street, Simi Valley, CA.  12-3pm.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that Otis passed last night.  Alex Mooney, his mom, was with him as he made his way across The Rainbow Bridge.  


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