Hello South Florida Corgi lovers! I recently received an email from a Central Florida corgi friend who is trying to find a home for 2 female corgis ASAP. I've copied the email for your review. It broke my heart but unfortunately I've got a full house already. Hopefully with everyones help we can help find them a home before its too late!
I am forwarding this message to you on behalf of Bernadette, a fellow member of our Central Florida Corgi Club:


I received an email from a friend of his who is trying to
rehome two female corgis so the owner will not put them down.
I've included the original email below. If you know of anyone
who would be able t help or is looking for a new addition or
two to the family, please let me know. There were some pics
attached too which I'm happy to fwd to you if they'd help.

Original message:

Hey everyone sorry to bother you but I was looking for some help. I know some people who have 2 small female dogs welsh corgis. They have decided to put the dogs down due to personal reasons, I have asked that they give me some time to see if I can find them a home because they are excellent dogs. they do not have to go together and they are free to a good home. I have more photos of both the dogs if anyone needs more. Please if you know ANYONE who may be looking for a new friend and family member please help me. Feel free to give my email or cell phone out to anyone who would like more information on either of them. thank you.


863 458 0779

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I am new to this site. I have just moved to a larger home with a yard and would like a dog. I love corgi's and would like to get a teenager-adult aged one, not a puppy. I'm hoping I am not too late to inquire about rehoming your corgi's.


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