Grace is now 7 months old. She destroys every toy I give her. I bought her a couple of toys with not stuffing and she chewed the ears off of them. They didn't last 30 minutes! She has even chewed up rubber toys. I am afraid she will eat and swallow them. Any suggestion for some good chew toys?

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We have good luck with cow bones (pasteurized) and some of the Kong toys. Kong makes a series of toys that are really tough and some of them squeak which is a big draw for mine. I put a little cheese in the cow bones from time to time and when we are going out everybody gets a little spray cheese in their regular Kongs . It keeps them chewing on appropriate things. Stuffed toys are banned because the doberman eats them so we had to find alternatives.
It's not good to give your dog any type of bone, even if sold at the pet store...veterinary dentist recommend using the "knee cap rule," if it hurts when you hit your knee cap, it's bad for their teeth. Bones (and nylabones) can cause tooth fractures, choking, intestinal blockage, or ulcerations in the mouth (we've had cases of dogs that have bone fragments lodged in the back of their mouth that caused bleeding ulers (it could not be seen without a thorough dental exam)). Petsmart and PetCo sell "tough" toys or toys with chew guard, which are highly indestructible( My friend has the dragon and the only things that her pup has destroyed is the ears on it (the only part that doesn't have the chew gaurd), they seem to work very well. As, mentioned, Kongs are great too (you can fill them with treats or food and cover them with cheese or peanut butter). Ropes work well and can help to clean the teeth while they chew.

Hope this helps =)
One of my parents corgis got his lower jaw stuck inside of a cow knee bone. The dog had to be put under in order to have it carefully sawed off. They are very dangerous indeed.
We gave up on buying and throwing away toys, at least until Bailey gets a little older (he's 1 year right now). So when one of us gets a hole in a sock, we tie a knot in it and give it to the dog. He loves them more than any store bought toy, because dirty socks smell like us. And they last longer than the squeeky toys do. But make sure to tie the knot and make a big deal of giving him the toy - otherwise ALL socks become dog toys, which is not good! :-)
Extreme Kong in size medium.
We have the same chewing problem with our Iggy. We have tried to teach him to be nice to his softer toys and ropes but as soon as we look away he's off hiding somewhere violently ripping it to pieces. The extreme kong was the answer to all of our problems. We fill ours with a smear of peanut butter usually but when he's very lucky he gets some leftover peas, corn and carrots frozen in a little water. When they get nasty, I just throw it in the dishwasher with his food and water bowls and it comes out pretty clean.
We have grown tired of going around picking up stuffing from Tess' dog toys. Thanks for the great ideas - I will be checking into some of the more durable toys mentioned here. - These aren't the prettiest toys, but they hold up to my boys. They can do a little bit of destruction to them, but for the most part they hold up. You can get them at Petco.
I've also given up on toys - my bunch chews like a hoard of locusts plowing through a wheat field - the sock idea is nice as mine are constantly borrowing them from me when I least suspect it. Kongs have been destroyed at my house, too. They chew the fuzz off tennis balls and rawhides are destroyed before you can blink...almost. I'm going to try the super strong rope toys and see how that works. Squeaky toys are a waste of money. Tot can ruin one of those in less than an hour. Money down the drain. How can these little stinkers chew so much?
A moment of silence here in Iowa...that's one dead hedgehog. Sorry. ;-)
My dog LOVES squeaky toys! He rips them up really fast though. Recently we bought a Toyshoppe Durables brand rubber dog and he hasn't even been able to make a dent in it yet!
My Pippin is 6 years old and the answer is NO!!!
The Air Kong series (they are bright yellow like a tennis ball) hold up pretty well and they squeak too. Even our dobie takes a long time to wreck them. Rope toys can be a problem, that was the cause of Misty's first stomach obstruction surgery.


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