Our Edward has the longest nub I've seen on a Pem. without having an actual tail.... I've always said he must have twitched at just the right time to save-some-tail. So when he wags--which he does a lot it is very humorous to watch. I'll try to get a good picture of his backside later this week. Just wondering if others have these little 2 inch-ish tails too.

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My guys have tails a little longer than many I have seen online. Both of them were done at my vet by different doctors so must be the style around here.
Many vets don't get close enough because of lack of experience or knowledge of the breed standard. Most show breeders want tails docked as close as possible w/o having an indentation. Even pups born w/no tail, which are called natural bobs, if the bob is longer you would still dock it to more of the standard. The breed standard states no more then 2". Some band tails to dock which can get a closer docking and others cut.
My Lilo has a longer nub as well.... I almost passed up getting one from the breeder, as they were all docked (in my opinion) too long. Now I enjoy seeing her little nub wagging, it really adds to her personality, as it is dificult to see my other two wag their almost non existant nubs!
She is in the constant state of wagging it seems! :)

Hi My Abraham has a tail just like that. It looks like a paintbrush and when it wags (which is all the time) it is soooooooooooooooooo cute
Lilo's tail DOES look just like his!! LOL
They could be twins... :)
Abraham might be able to give you a good run for your money on the longest docked tail. When we first got him (when he was about 18 months) one of the kids from the house he was living in - had cut the hairs real blunt on it and it was really cute. Six months later the hairs have grown out and his tail looks like a paint brush. It is the cutest thing when he is happy - it waggles a million miles per hour. i think some of his pics show it, if not I will try and round some up.
Mozi was a rescue and had a docked tail when we got her. I've noticed that she has quite the stub as well and was looking around to see if other Pems had been docked like this when I came across this group. Nice to know she's "normal!"

Bella has a longer nub, it is not a legit tail, but it is about a good 2 1/2 inches long I suppose. 


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